The Lyric Hearing Aid & You

Ever increase the volume on your radio and television? Lean in as close to the speaker as you can or concentrate your attention on everyone speaking to you so you don’t miss a word? Did you ever think that maybe you might need a pair of hearing aids? Maybe you blame your hearing issues on others?

Hear More Clearly With A Lyric Hearing Aid

If this sounds like you, no matter how many coping methods you develop, your hearing loss has started to affect your family, friends, business associates and doctors. If everyone around you has to shout to get your attention; if you are refusing social invitations because you can’t hear in crowded rooms; if you become short-tempered because people don’t speak loudly enough for you to hear them, your hearing loss is no longer a private problem.

Live Your Life

The cliche is true: you only have one life. Why, then, cut yourself off from many of its joys because you think hearing aids are embarrassing, unattractive or “make you look old”? Maybe you missed the last family wedding because you knew you could not hear over the sound of the music. Maybe you declined the last group dinner because it was too tiring straining to listen to every word. Maybe your relationships are deteriorating because it is too difficult to converse with you. These are all signs that you are missing out on life because of hearing loss and it simply doesn’t have to be this way.

The Lyric Hearing Aid For Hearing Loss

There are many limitations that medical science can not correct. In most cases, we can not restore vision to the blind. We can not fix devastating damage to the spinal cord leaving many people in wheel chairs. We can not cure every cancer. These are conditions that people must accept because they have no alternative. However, this is not true of most cases of hearing loss or limitation. You do not have to accept your limitations, you don’t have to feel left out and you most certainly do not have to artificially withdraw from society. Did you know that in most cases professionals can help you hear? Moreover, if your condition qualifies you for a Lyric hearing aid, you may have all the advantages of restoration of your aural abilities without sacrificing appearance.

An Invisible Lyric Hearing Aid

Let the Lyric Hearing Aid Help You & Your Family

The Phonak hearing aids provider, a recognised global leader in hearing solutions, has a long and storied history of assisted hearing innovation. Founded in 1947, Phonak has been leading the competitive assisted hearing market with one impressive advancement after another. Launching the PiCS Hearing Computer in 1992 was only the beginning of a long list of auditory successes. In 1996, Phonak launched the world’s smallest FM receiver (MicroLink) and in 2003, they debuted SmartLink, the first hearing aid enabling direct wireless use of Bluetooth mobile phones for hearing aids. The culmination of these years of research and improvement is the Lyric hearing aid, which may be just what you need to live every minute of your life without worrying about your hearing loss.

Lyric Device By Phonak

The Lyric hearing aid is the summit of auditory assistance and is nearly invisible. This tiny powerhouse is as nearly effortless and invisible as you can imagine. Think of it as extended wear contact lenses for the ears. A minuscule Lyric hearing aid is installed into your ear canal by one of our many representatives all over the world and is not removed until the battery expires or four months have passed. Indeed, to support this remarkable invention, Phonak successfully created special long-lasting batteries to prevent premature removal of the units. Imagine waking up and being able to hear before you get out of bed, imagine hearing each nuance of your favourite music or even hearing your child or grandchild saying “I love you,” this is the kind of freedom the Lyric hearing aid offers.

Lyric Aids To Help You Hear Better

I Can Hear OK With My Current Hearing Aid. Why Go Through The Trouble Of Changing To Lyric?

The Lyric hearing aid is unique; it is a culmination of decades of research and development dedicated to advancements in hearing assistance. This hearing aid enables you to hear nuances in crowded rooms, outdoors, whispers, and the full symphonic range of concerts; and when you answer your cell phone, your Lyric hearing aid automatically implements a Bluetooth connection.

Lyric Hearing Aid Can Get Wet

By positioning the aid in the ear canal, no one can see it. When you shave or brush your teeth, you do not see it; when you take your morning run, it does not bounce around; when you go on a job interview or give a presentation, no one can tell you are wearing it. This is more than a vain consideration; people are influenced by what they see as well as by what they hear. Why divert attention from your message by displaying a potentially distracting artefact?

Set The Lyric Hearing Aid & Forget

There is rarely any adjustment with the Lyric hearing aid. You don’t take it out and peek at it several times each day; you don’t carry extra batteries everywhere you go because the batteries rarely run out; you don’t have to reset it when someone bumps into you. It’s like restored hearing rather than assisted hearing. Don’t settle for good hearing when you can have great hearing.

Is the Lyric Hearing Aid for You?

Lyric Aids For Hearing Are Tiny

There is only one way to find out: visit one of our many representatives. They are experts in analysing your condition and ascertaining if the Lyric aid can help you. As the premier product of its kind, the Lyric Hearing Aid can cost between $3000 and $6000 per pair, so budgeting is a consideration when you contemplate Lyric hearing aids. The only way to find out if Lyrics are a match for you is to visit one of our providers. You may leave with a more positive attitude about life and your family and friends can stop shouting at you.