Size 10 Hearing Aid Batteries

Now you can buy Size 10 hearing aid batteries online with free shipping Australia wide. Not only do we provide some of the best prices on size 10 hearing aid batteries but all orders will be shipped the day you order them so they will arrive at your door in no time. We only use premium size 10 hearing aid battery brands such as Power One, Rayovac, iCelltech and Zenipower. All Hearing Choices batteries come with our 45 day return policy as well as long shelf life. The current shelf life for our batteries expires at the end of 2021 for long life and performance.  Our size 10 hearing aid batteries are compatible with all hearing aid brands and models that use this size.

Why Should I Buy Size 10 Hearing Aid Batteries Online?

Buying your size 10 batteries online means you can save a significant amount compared to going into your local pharmacy or hearing clinic. Some clinics charge upwards $8 for a pack of 6 batteries compared to our extremely low prices. If you consider that you may use 10 – 15 packs a year per hearing aid, these costs can add up over time. Our prices include free shipping Australia wide which means you can have your size 10 batteries delivered within a matter of days.

How long do size 10 batteries last?

The size 10 batteries are the smallest hearing aid batteries and therefore have the shortest lifespan. Size 10 batteries last about 3 – 5 days depending on how many days you use your hearing aids. Also, if you use other features such as Bluetooth streaming it also may shorten the lifespan. Recent studies have shown that the size 10 battery has 93 mAh capacity. This is much smaller than the other styles, for example the largest size battery is the 675 which has a whipping 627 mAh capacity, almost 8 times as much! The tradeoff with the larger size is that the hearing aids are larger and are more visible.

Is your online checkout safe?

Yes! We partnered with Stripe which is one of the worlds leading payment gateway to make sure that your credit card details are safe and secure. We do not receive your credit card details and they are not stored on any servers and are transmitted to Stripe securely and encrypted. We also use the latest secure SSL certificates across Hearing Choices to ensure that when you’re buying Size 10 batteries, your details are secure and safe.

What is the shelf life of your size 10 batteries?

We are constantly refreshing and monitoring our stock to make sure that we maintain stock with long shelf life and expiry dates at least 3 years in advance. This means that your size 10 batteries that you buy from us will last until they are used. If you have any issues or are unhappy with the batteries you receive, you can return them to us for a full refund within 45 days provided they are unopened and unused.

I’m not sure what batteries I need for my hearing aids?

Sure! Please give us a call on 1300 848 335 and one of the hearing consultants will be able to help you find the correct battery for your hearing aid.