Custom Cool With The Starkey Livio Edge AI

In October 2020 Starkey’s Livio Edge AI devices won gold in the Hearing Aids category at the Hearing Technology Innovator Awards. The Edge Mode technology has given these hearing aids the ‘edge’ over competitors, but also with the technology being available in Starkey’s custom stye hearing aids, people are really talking about these AI devices.

Endless opportunities - customised

The Livio Edge AI custom made hearing aids are ‘hearable’ devices, fitting snugly in the canal for discretion and usability. They come in a variety of colours, with the jet black colour giving these small devices the look and feel of Bluetooth earbuds, which are now commonly worn by people of all ages. These super-cool devices are also rechargeable, have 2.4 GHz Bluetooth wireless connectivity, integrated artificial intelligence with voice activated commands, and ‘Edge Mode’ – so many features to get excited about!

Rechargeable devices – utilising a magnetic connection for easy insertion in a portable case. You can get up to 24 hours of power with this charger. If you haven’t got an electrical outlet to plug into, you can still go off-grid for a couple of days, if you pre-charge your charger. And once they’re off the charger, these little gems are already on and ready to use. Turning them off is also easy - just replace them back in the charger or use the push button on the faceplate to switch them off. A simple ‘press and hold’ will power down these devices.

Starkey custom fit –The word ‘custom’ means exactly that – made to fit your ears, and your ears only. Your ears are as individual as your fingerprints, so an impression of your unique shape needs to be taken to have custom hearing devices made. Starkey have great technology to ensure a comfortable, perfect fit for their made to measure devices.

Edge Mode 

These custom hearing aids produce beautiful natural sound, but Edge Mode improves on this with a boost in the most complex listening situations. A double tap on the faceplate will initiate Edge Mode for a real-time evaluation of your current listening situation. This technology aims to lift the speech over the background noise, creating a better signal (speech) to noise ratio. This power burst of speech enhancement will give you an improved, crisper sound in trickier soundscapes. These custom CIC hearing aids make mask wearing easier and the Edge Mode, being ‘on-demand’, also assists with the challenges of social distancing.

 Preference count of Edge Mode vs Normal settings from 15 hearing impaired participants. Legend identifies the accoustic environment.Edit your caption text here


 Excellent reports are coming out about the clarity of the streamed signal in these devices. Quality is assisted by the speaker for streamed audio which has added gain for wearers to use for their streamed signal, if required. Streaming can be started and stopped with a tap on the hearing aids.

Thrive Assistant

Amazon Alexa is incorporated into these Livio Edge AI hearing aids. A tap on your hearing aid and you can ask Alexa a question, turn on music, get in-ear and on-screen reminders for appointments and tasks, just like you might with your phone using Google or Siri. The Brain and Body score is well-known in the Starkey AI devices and it challenges other wearable fitness devices with its accuracy. You can initiate the Brain and Body scoring to track your movement and your social engagement. 

As the custom devices also include the same integrated biosensors found in the Livio AI BTE hearing aids, you’ll also have access to the fall detection, real-time language translation and voice to text transcription features. The fall detection feature is supported by the Balance Builder App that assists with the improvement of balance through a variety of exercises to increase stability of movement.

The Thrive Assistant also includes the Thrive Care App, which is a fantastic tool for caregivers and loved ones. Via remote connection, monitoring of health activities measured by the Livio Edge AI devices are available to carers, helping older hearing aid users maintain independence. This also provides your loved ones with peace of mind. And on top of Edge Mode, there is also a dedicated ‘Mask Mode’ you can set in the Thrive Assistant.

If you’re after the next generation of sound, clarity, comfort, and dare we say it – cool – the Starkey Livio Edge AI custom made devices could be what you’re looking for. With so many features, these little hearing aids can take your hearing style and acuity to the next level.

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