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Power One P13 Size 13 hearing aid batteries are guaranteed high quality, durable, and are extremely long lasting.

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Here are the answers to the most popular questions

What is the difference between Bluetooth hearing aids and wireless hearing aids?

Hearing aids with Bluetooth, such as the Hansaton sound SHD stream use 2.4GHz Bluetooth wireless technology. The other Hansaton hearing aids are also wireless but use different technology – 10.6MHz digitally-coded inductive link.

What accessories does Hansaton have?

Hansaton have a number of accessories –

  • The uTV3 will send signals from your TV, stereo or computer to your hearing aid via an intermediary Bluetooth streamer such as the uDirect3 remote or uStream streamer. The uTV3 will allow you to adjust the volume of the signal you are receiving and also charges your intermediary streaming device.
  • The uDirect3 remote control device can create a wired or wireless connection between a number of devices and your hearing aids. You will be able to change the volume of your phone, TV, radio or MP3 player. You can hold this device in your hand to discreetly change the volume or wear it around your neck for ease of use.
  • The uStream will connect to Bluetooth-enabled devices and act as a volume control for these devices, directly to your hearing aids. It is a small, unobtrusive device that can be clipped to your clothing and accessed easily.
  • The uMic2 (remote microphone) will enable you to hear speech more clearly in difficult situations. This wireless microphone system can be clipped to the speaker’s clothing and their speech will be transmitted directly to your hearing aids, without any interference.
  • Also available is the IIC remote control which allows for unobtrusive volume or program management of your IIC hearing device.
What smartphone apps does Hansaton have?

Stream remote app (for the sound SHD stream), remoteHD app (all other Hansaton SHD hearing aids)

Which ReSound hearing aids come with a telecoil option?

The LiNX 3D, ENZO², Enya models all come with an optional telecoil function

Which ReSound hearing aid will help with my tinnitus?

The LiNX Quattro, LiNX3D, ENZO² and Enya models can all be programmed with the Tinnitus Sound Generator.

What should I take in to consideration when choosing a hearing aid that’s right for me?

There are many things you should consider when selecting a hearing aid. It’s an important decision so you need to make sure you are ready for it and motivated to bring your hearing back to the best it can possibly be. Points that will affect your choice include:

  • Your hearing levels and how much amplification you need.
  • The dexterity you have in your hands and fingers – you may need a hearing aid with less controls, or one that comes with a rechargeable battery – batteries can be fiddly!
  • Your listening needs are important – including how active you are. If you are a busy person who attends meetings, lots of social occasions and have a demanding lifestyle you will need to take this in to consideration to ensure you select a hearing aid that will meet all your listening needs.
  • Special features such as Bluetooth streaming and smartphone connectivity – if you want these features let your hearing healthcare professional know – not all aids come with special features.
  • Size – if it’s important to have something small and invisible, there are many options available but make sure that a tiny aid is right for you and won’t interfere with any physical limitations of your ear (for example do you need to have wax removed regularly? If so, a CIC might not be the right device for you.)
  • Your budget – this is important, you want the right aid for your needs, at the right price.
How do I connect with my hearing healthcare provider with the TeleCare app?

You can connect via video or video conferencing and discuss your hearing aid issues, without having to visit the clinic.

Does the Styletto have Bluetooth capabilities?

No, not at this stage. You can have wireless connectivity and use your smartphone to control the Styletto, but Bluetooth streaming capabilities are not available yet in this slim model RIC hearing aid.

I have tinnitus – will hearing aids help me?

Yes, a correctly fitted hearing aid can provide relief from your tinnitus. The amplification provided by the hearing aid will mean you won’t be straining as much to hear and this will relieve some of the stress on your auditory system. You can also request a hearing aid with a specific program for tinnitus. The Starkey iQ hearing aids all have the Multiflex Tinnitus Technology available. Remember to talk to your Hearing Healthcare Professional about your tinnitus, so they can provide you with the best advice for this condition.

Can I find out more on Acuity Immersion Directionality?

This Starkey white paper has some very good information on this technology

Do all Widex hearing aids come with the rechargeable battery option?

No, only the BEYOND Z and EVOKE hearing aids have the rechargeable battery feature.

I want an invisible hearing aid. What are my choices in a Widex hearing aid?

The EVOKE hearing aid comes in a CIC as does the UNIQUE model.

If I have a profound hearing loss which hearing aid should I try in the Oticon range?

It is always better to discuss this with your hearing health care professional, but the Alta2 has specific functions for the more severe and profound hearing losses.

Why should i buy hearing aids through Hearing Choices?

The most compelling reason is that by purchasing hearing aids through Hearing Choices you can save a massive 40% off the price retail chains with no compromise on service or customer satisfaction. Most hearing aid chains in Australia are owned by a manufacturer, meaning you may have a limited choices of hearing aids offered to you. At Hearing Choices, we are independent of any supplier and can provide independent and unbiased advice on the very best hearing aid for you. We also don’t compromise on service and all hearing aids sold by us include a hearing test, fitting and aftercare.

What’s Included in the Price of Hearing Aids From Hearing Choices?

All hearing aid purchases made with Hearing Choices include:

  1. A comprehensive hearing test;
  2. Fitting and programming of your hearing aids;
  3. A year of aftercare* with our local Partner Audiologists near you.
  4. Full manufacturer warranty (generally 3 years);
  5. Lifetime Hearing Choices customer support online and over the phone.

Online prices without the compromise in service or quality.

Hearing Aids Are Pretty Expensive, Are Payment Plans Available?

Yes. In November 2016 Hearing Choices secured a partnership with zipMoney. Thanks to zipMoney’s simple and flexible line of credit we’re pleased to offer Hearing Choices customers interest free payment plans on all purchases.

What Happens If I’m Not Satisfied With My Purchase?

If you don’t feel your hearing aids adequately solve your hearing issues we’ll gladly refund you in full within 45 days of your purchase. We’re confident we can find a sustainable solution for you but if we can’t we’ll happily give you your money back.

Are Hearing Aids Covered By Public And/Or Private Health Insurance?

Unfortunately hearing aids are not covered by Medicare. Pensioners are eligible for free hearing aids under the OHS or they can use the OHS voucher to top up to a more premium hearing aid. Depending on your level of cover with them, private health insurance companies such as HCF and Bupa offer rebates on hearing consultations and devices but waiting periods apply. Be sure to contact your health fund first as restrictions and limitations may be imposed.

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