You Can Save Thousands On Hearing Aids With New Remote Care Hearing Aid Technology

Hearing loss affects over 3.6 million Aussies* and that number is expected to grow according to the latest studies.

In the past many people put off doing something about their hearing as they were worried about the costs involved, It was common to hear horror stories of hearing aids costing anywhere up to $12,000 for a pair.

One of the main reasons why hearing aids are so expensive is that the clinics need to cover their rent, administration staff and overheads and therefore by utilising this new remote care technology we can pass on massive savings to you!

Thanks to new technical advances that allow for remote hearing care,  you can now access some of the latest technology which includes Bluetooth streaming and rechargeable batteries for as low as $1800 for a pair (two devices).

The hearing aids are delivered to you and are programmed and fine tuned for your hearing loss via easy to use apps on your phone.

Hearing Choices is a new online service that’s helping Aussie’s find a great hearing aid at a competitive price delivered to your door.

It all starts with a quick online questionnaire to determine which devices will be the right fit to suit your lifestyle, budget and hearing loss and to determine whether remote hearing care services is right for you.

If you have access to a smartphone you may be able to access these incredible devices at never seen before pricing.

Here’s how you do it:

Step 1: Select your state below.
Step 2: After answering a quick quiz, we will be able to determine whether remote hearing care is right for you.

What is remote hearing care?

Remote hearing care means that by using telehealth services and the latest hearing aid technology, we can program, adjust and fit hearing aids without you needing to leave your house.

All you need is access to a smartphone and be slightly tech savy and you can remotely connect to your audiologist via a video call and they can consult with you remotely.

There are two options with remote care, the first is a device where you can setup and adjust yourself via a convenient to use app and the second is a full service offering where your hearing aids are programmed and adjusted by a professional clinician.

By utilising remote care you can get access to the latest Bluetooth and rechargeable hearing aid technology at unheard of prices, and example of one of the devices is below:

With remote care you also get a trial period so you only commit to the devices once you are completely satisfied with the hearing aids and service.

Hearing Choices stays with you the entire process and will answer any question you may have.

Hearing loss can cause you to withdraw from social settings and affect your quality of life so it’s important not to leave it.  In just a couple of minutes Hearing Choices,  could help you be on your way to better hearing—at a better price.