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Finding the perfect hearing aid involves matching your lifestyle, budget and hearing loss with the perfect hearing aid brand, model and style. Hearing Choices works with all the leading hearing aids which means we can find one suitable for you, no matter you budget.

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The Latest Hearing Aid Models

Phonak Audeo B Direct

Release Date: 2017
FROM $2450
  • Autosense OS automatically based on your environment.
  • Direct phone streaming for both iPhones and Androids.
  • Excellent performance in noisy environments.

Signia Pure Charge & Go

Release Date: 2018
FROM $2,700
  • Sealed lithium ion rechargeable battery with inductive charge
  • Great natural sound with Signia's brand new NX platform
  • Made for iPhone hearing aid with direct streaming to both ears

Starkey Muse IQ

Release Date: 2018
FROM $2300
  • Compatible with Starkey's range of SurfLink Accessories
  • IQ technology provides excellent sound quality and a natural listening experience
  • Available in a wide variety of styles and technology levels

Choose A Hearing Aid Style

There are two major styles of hearing aids, the most popular is the tiny RIC device that sits behind the ear followed by the tiny invisible hearing aid which sits within the ear canal. You can find some Pro’s and Con’s of each style below. Click the links to find the latest models for each style


  • Tiny discrete devices that can be invisible to others.
  • Generally easiery to use on the telephone.
  • Less powerful hearing aids due to smaller size and can cause a “blocked” feeling in the ear.


  • Suitable for a wider range and types of hearing loss.
  • Dual microphones give better performance in noise.
  • More visible than invisible hearing options

It can be very difficult to compare brands of hearing aid device manufacturers. The hearing device market is a diverse one with many players. It can be hard to know where to start. You’re not alone. As Independent  provider we can help you better decide on which device is for you.

We offer the best hearing solutions from all of the big brands. At Hearing Choices we work with the leading manufacturers, together with our partner of network clinics located around Australia, we will help you find the very best hearing aid to suit your lifestyle, budget and hearing loss.

Choosing the right brand or model for you doesn’t have to be confusing, a hearing choices consultant can help guide you through different options no matter your needs or budget.

The Best Hearing Aid Prices

We offer some of Australia’s most competitive hearing device prices and you will also get a 45-day risk-free trial for all digital hearing solutions purchased through Hearing Choices.

Australian Government Hearing Services Program

The Australian Government Hearing Services Program is managed by the Office of Hearing Services for eligible clients to access a range of hearing services including hearing assessments and access to a wide range of quality, free-to-client hearing devices

If you are a Pesioner or a Veteran who wants to have their hearing tested or to be fitted with hearing aids in Australia. You could be covered financially under a number of government assistance programs. We can advise whether you are eligible for free or government subsidised services.

Popular Hearing Aids Brand

Below are the major hearing aid brands currently available in Australia with the latest and greatest technology.

There are six major  brands in the world, they are in no particular order, Oticon, Signia (formerly Siemens), Phonak, Resound, Starkey and Widex.

While these brands are recognised as the big six, there are secondary brands that offer really innovative hearing devices.

For instance, Bernafon is a sister brand of Oticon and they offer some really outstanding devices. Sonic, is another sister brand of Oticon and Bernafon. Unitron is a sister brand of Phonak and they really do break the mould with some really innovative products.

Hansaton is another sister brand of Phonak.

Find the latest Hearing Aids Models

Manufacturers release new hearing aids on yearly cycles, generally there will be a small refresh followed by a major revamp in technology. Hearing Choices is at the forefront of the best technology and keeps up to date with the latest hearing aids releases from all the major manufacturers.

Choose A Hearing Aid style

Hearing Aid Types

There are many types of models, but they really fall within just three categories, actually, more like four. They are BTE (Behind The Ear), ITE (In The Ear), IIC (Invisible In Canal, really a part of the ITE model range) and RIC (Receiver In Canal). Let’s give you a quick outline of them before we talk about all the different models.

BTE Hearing Aids

These devices are exactly as the sound, the hearing aid is worn on top of and behind the ear. All of the hearing device parts are in the case at the back of the ear and they are joined to the ear canal with a sound tube and some sort of custom mold or tip.

ITE Hearing Aids

In the profession we call these custom hearing devices, simply because they are custom made for every user. All of the hearing aid electronics sit in a shell that fits in your ear, they come in many sizes including CIC (completely in Canal) and IIC (Invisible in Canal).

IIC, The Famous Invisible Hearing Aids

As I have already said, invisible hearing devices are really a part of the ITE model family, but they are that popular that I should separate them. Invisible hearing devices are not suitable for everyone but they are very popular. They fit deep within the ear canal and are exceptionally discreet. Because of this, they are very popular

RIC Hearing Aids

These hearing solutions are similar in concept to BTE hearing aids, with one important exception.

The speaker (called the Receiver by the profession) has been removed from the case that sits at the back of the ear. The receiver is now designed to sit either in the bowl of your ear or deep in your ear canal depending on the type. It is attached to the device with a thin wire. It is fitted in your ear canal or ear and connected to the case of the hearing aid with a thin wire.

Of course, there are two other  types I should discuss, it isn’t really the model type that is important with the following two types of hearing aids. It is more the features and what they are designed to do. Each of the following two types of hearing aids are designed with lifestyle in mind in slightly different ways, let me explain.

Bluetooth And Made For iPhone Hearing Aids

Made For iPhone hearing aids exploded onto the marketplace in 2014 with the introduction of the original Linx from Resound. Since then, every brand has introduced some sort of Bluetooth enabled hearing device. Most of the hearing brands have delivered their own version of Made For iPhone hearing aids. Some however, both Phonak and Unitron, have delivered Made For Any Phone hearing aids.

What’s the difference between Made For iPhone and Made For Any Phone?

Put simply, Made For iPhone hearing aids will stream phone calls directly into your hearing aids but you still need to hold the phone to speak. Made For Any Phone hearing aids will allow you to take and make phone calls completely hands free.

There are other benefits to Made For iPhone though, they will also allow you to stream audio books or music from your phone, something that the Made For Any Phone doesn’t. So think carefully about what matters to you

Hearing Aids For Tinnitus

Tinnitus can be a debilitating condition for the people who suffer from it. There is much confusion about tinnitus, tinnitus is a symptom of an underlying problem, it is not actually a disease in itself. This has meant that the search for a cure has been long and unfortunately not fruitful. While tinnitus can’t be cured, it can be treated.

Hearing Devices With Sound Therapy

One of the most effective treatments for tinnitus is sound therapy. The sound therapy distracts from tinnitus and allows the person to relax. Many of the big hearing aid brands now offer hearing aids with different types of sound therapy. They have proven very effective for many.


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