One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Choosing the right hearing aid involves working with a trustworthy Partner Audiologist to find a product that fits your type of hearing loss, your lifestyle and your budget. Partners also take into account your dexterity, vision and even ear canal size.


What are hearing aids?

Two fundamental hearing aid technologies exist; the original analog hearing aidsand modern, digital hearing aids. Hearing Aids amplify sound by converting it into an electronic signal using a speaker in the ear. Digital hearing aids contain a modern silicon processor that converts sound into electronic signals which provides a clearer, crisper and more intelligent processing of sound. A key advantage of digital aids is that they can be fine tuned to amplify different frequencies at different volumes and can even be tailor tuned to your individual hearing needs. Its rare to find analog devices today but they still still exist on the market.

Hearing Aid Styles

Hearing aids come in a variety of sizes, shapes and fits. Each brand has their own trademark but most hearing aids fit into the following categories. There is the BTE or the behind the ear hearing aid which is the most visible, but powerful hearing aid. The second is the RIC or the Receiver in the canal style which is the more modern and popular the device. Finally the most discreet is the invisible or in the canal hearing aid which are custom moulded to your ear and are the most discreet option. The type of hearing aid you ultimately choose comes down to your hearing loss, lifestyle requirements and budget.

Behind The Ear

Perfect for younger patients, the behind the ear or BTE is contained in a super small case that is held behind the ear. Only a thin tube connects the case to a mold inside the ear. These are super easy to adjust as the controls are outside the ear so volume can easily be changed on the fly for ease of use. These are the most common and most popular among patients.


In The Ear

In The Ear aids compromise of both the invisible and the behind the ear. The whole unit is contained in housing that sits inside the ear canal, however they are still visible within the ear when looking from the outside. There are many different options to choose from including some that sit well inside the ear.



The invisible device is the latest, most high tech style of hearing aid. These are each custom molded directly into your ear canal, only the most discerning person would ever notice that you are wearing one. These are for those wanting high tech hearing with a more discreet look.


Leading Heading Aid Brands

Hearing Choices Works With All The Leading Hearing Aid Brands & Manufacturers give you the choice to find the perfect hearing aid

  • Bernafon Logo
  • Hansaton hearing Aids
    • Price guide (per ear)
    • Speech Enchancement
    • Bluetooth Connectivity
    • Automatic Control Option
    • Background Noise Management
    • Automatic Loudness Adjustment
    • Whistling Management System
    • Number of Channels
    • 100% Digital
    • Stars
  • Basic
  • Price guide (per ear): $1.200 - $1500
  • Speech Enchancement
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Automatic Control Option
  • Background Noise Management
  • Automatic Loudness Adjustment
  • Whistling Management System
  • 6 Number of Channels
  • 100% Digital 100% Digital
  • Stars:
  • Essential
  • Price guide (per ear): $1500-$2500
  • Speech Enchancement
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Automatic Control Option
  • Background Noise Management
  • Automatic Loudness Adjustment
  • Whistling Management System
  • 6-10 Number of Channels
  • 100% Digital
  • Stars:
  • Most Popular
  • Price guide (per ear): $2500 - $3,500
  • Speech Enchancement
  • Bluetooth 2.0 Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Adaptive Automatic Control Option
  • Background Noise Management
  • Automatic Loudness Adjustment
  • Adaptive Whistling Management System
  • 10-16 Number of Channels
  • 100% Digital
  • Stars:
  • Premium
  • Price guide (per ear): $3,700 - $4,200
  • Speech Enchancement
  • Bluetooth 3.0 Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Adaptive Automatic Control Option
  • Adaptive Background Noise Management
  • Automatic Loudness Adjustment
  • Binaural Whistling Management System
  • 16-64 Number of Channels
  • 100% Digital
  • Stars:

Why Choose Hearing Choices

Hearing Choices partners with your local audiologist to help you find the perfect hearing aids at Australia's most competitive prices.

45 Day No Risk Free Trial

We want you to be completely satisfied with your hearing aid purchase. If not we'll offer you a full refund within 45 days.

Competitive Pricing

Due to our lower overheads, our prices are at least 40% cheaper than most chains. We pass on those savings to you.

Access To Top Audiologists

We only work with the very best independent audiologists to ensure you always receive honest & unbiased advice.

More Questions About Hearing Aids?

How Much Do Hearing Aids Cost?

The cost of a the devices can vary greatly from audiologist. Hearing aid prices generally range from around $800 per aid and can run up to over $5000.

There are many factors that influence the price including the style chosen, the level of technology used, the level of government subsidies available as well as the whether the hearing professional is bundling service within.

Why Are Some More Expensive Than Others?

Manufacturers split up their models into different tiers with the highest tier generally being the most expensive and jam packed with the latest technology and functions. Also, the higher tiers also normally have the most range of styles and colours which can better suit your lifestyle needs.

These are just a few of the reasons why hearing aid prices differ, some Audiologists also bundle in service into the price of the products while others charge separately for the aid and service.

How Can I Get More Help?

Here at Hearing Choices we understand that choosing a device can be a difficult and costly decision. Simply give us a call for a no obligation and free consultation, we pride ourselves on giving unbiased and expert advice that is right for you. We have partnered with hearing clinics around Australia, so when the time is right for you to seek a professional for your hearing aids or cochlear implant we can set you up with an appointment wherever you are. After your phone consultation, we can organise a fitting at a local clinic which from there they will test your hearing and pick the perfect aids for you. We operate in all major Australian cities, so wherever you live, if you’re looking at getting your hearing checked we can help.

What is the right hearing aid for me?

There are many factors that go into determining what is the right hearing aid for a specific person. The first step is to call Hearing Choices and a consultant will go through and ask a number of questions to get a better picture of the types of situations you’re struggling in, the level and type of hearing loss you have and your budget. After your initial phone consultation the you will have a better idea of a couple of different hearing aids that would be suitable for your specific needs. The next step is to arrange a consultation with an Hearing Choices partner hearing expert who will conduct a comprehensive hearing test which will indicate the type and level of hearing loss. This comprehensive process gives us a full picture which will allow Hearing Choices and our partner hearing expert to recommend the right hearing aid for you.

Does Insurance or Medicare pay for hearing aids?

In Australia, there is limited cover with private health insurance for hearing aids. If you have top cover, most insurance companies will give you anywhere from $600 – $1500 every 3 – 5 years after a wait period. If you are over 65 and on the pension you are also eligible for a Voucher from the Office of Hearing services which entitles you to either “free” hearing aids from the government, or you can use the voucher and “top-up” for a more premium hearing aid with better technology and features.

Can i buy hearing aids on Ebay or Online?

There are some companies that sell hearing aids on Ebay or online directly to the consumer. Unlike glasses, or other products, hearing aids need to be programmed and fine tuned to your level and type of hearing loss and therefore we don’t recommend buying hearing aids online without first seeing, and having them checked by a qualified hearing professional. Another danger of buying hearing aids online is that your hearing loss may be caused by an underlying medical condition that may not be picked up if you don’t go to a qualified hearing professional for a consultation. At Hearing Choices we have the best of both worlds and provide “online” prices with face to face care from a qualified hearing professional. All hearing aids are sold with a 3 year warranty from the manufacturer and aftercare provided by our partner clinics which are conveniently located right around Australia.

What are the major hearing aid brands?

In Australia, the major hearing aid brands (in no particular order) are Phonak, Oticon, Unitron, Resound, Starkey, Hansaton, Bernafon, Widex, Signia. The two major manufacturers are Sonova, which owns Phonak, Unitron and Hansaton and operates connect hearing in Australia and William Demant which owns Oticon, Sonic and Bernafon and operates Audioclinic and Hearing life in Australia.

Why are your hearing aid prices so much cheaper than what i've been quoted?

Hearing Choices is completely independent of any manufacturer and therefore we can sell all brands and have no affiliation or allegiance which pushes us to recommend one brand over another. Our model is a hybrid of offline and online which means we can offer hearing aids at “online” pricing while still providing the critical offline care and face to face consultations. Hearing Aids are an expensive purchase, but our aim is to operate as efficiently as possible to drive down the cost of the hearing aids and pass on savings to the consumer.

How often do I need to replace my hearing aids?

As a rule of thumb we always advise that your hearing aids should last at least the length of the warranty period which is 3 years but with proper care can last much longer. We have had clients that have had hearing aids for over 10 years which are still working fine! Some tips to make them last longer is to make sure they are kept dry and free from any wax build up which can ruin the internal electronics of the device. Also, make sure you use quality batteries which also will extend the lifespan of the device. When you find that the performance of the devices is degrading, or you’re not getting the results that you used to when the hearing aids were new you may want to consider purchasing a new pair of hearing aids with the latest technology on the market.

Can I stream my phone to my hearing aids?

Yes! Recent advancements in technology has made it possible to stream from your phone to your hearing aids without any accessories or other intermediary devices. There are “Made for iPhone” hearing aids which sync perfectly with iPhone or other Apple products and allow you to stream music and audio directly from your Apple device. Recently hearing aid manufacturers have come out with a new chip which also allows you to stream phone calls from Android devices directly and seamlessly. Some options are the Oticon OPN or the Resound Linx 3D.

What are the latest features of hearing aids?

In the last 24 months there have been some amazing advancements in technology for hearing aids. Some of the best new features include titanium shells (smaller invisible hearing aids), rechargeable devices (no more fiddly battery changes) and unbelievable improvements in directional microphones (better performance in noisy environments). Each new generation of hearing aids means better processing power and improved algorithms and technology to deal with difficult listening situations and provide automatic features so less manual adjustments have to be made. Telehealth is also becoming more mainstream with some of the hearing aid manufacturers releasing technology that allows hearing care professional to remotely adjust and fine tune hearing aids without the user needing to come into the clinic!

I've just got hearing aids and they seem so unnatural, what do I do?

Don’t stress! Your brain needs to get used to hearing sounds again and feeling overwhelmed when wearing hearing aids for the first time is completely normal and natural. Over time your brain will adjust and recognise the sounds. For first time hearing aid wearers, the normal process is that the hearing aids will be set to reduced gain in order to give your brain time to adjust to hearing sounds that it hasn’t heard in a very long time. At your followup appointment, your hearing care professional will raise the gain as you get used to the hearing aids. The best way to test the hearing aids is to wear them in your normal listening environments. Take notes on where you find the hearing aids performing and where you find they aren’t and discuss it with your hearing care professional at your next appointment.

What Payment Options Does Hearing Choices Offer?

Purchasing a pair of hearing aids through Hearing Choices allows you to access rebates through private health insurance as well as through the Office of Hearing Services voucher program, dependent on eligibility. The amount you can claim through your private health insurance is dependent on the provider as well as the level of your cover. Dependent on your health fund, you can claim up to $1600 on a pair of hearing aids. It is important to note that the waiting period changes both with the provider and with the policy. Be sure to contact your health fund to determine your level of cover for hearing aids.

How Do I Buy Hearing Aids Through Hearing Choices?

Purchasing hearing aids can be overwhelming, but Hearing Choices provides all the information you need in one convenient spot. Start your journey to better hearing by organising a free consultation. Speak to a hearing expert over the phone or online via email and live chat to book in a free consultation with a partner audiologist. After this consultation, the audiologist will help determine the best pair of hearing aids for you. Hearing aids differ in many aspects; there are a number of brands and styles available to choose from. Taking into account your lifestyle, budget and hearing loss, Hearing Choices will help you choose the ideal hearing aids. Assistance is always available as Hearing Choices provides you with all the details about the different brands, products and types available to help you find the perfect hearing aids. As Hearing Choices is 100% independent, you have access to all the available brands. From the consultation to purchasing and fitting the hearing aids with an audiologist, Hearing Choices will guide you through the whole process.

What is Included With My New Hearing Aids From Hearing Choices?

Upon purchasing your hearing aids, they will be professionally fitted by the best independent audiologists to ensure optimum sound quality. Hearing Choices offers a 45 day risk free trial so that you can be sure that the hearing aids are perfect for you. With the purchase your new hearing aids, Hearing Choices offers more
than the device itself. Built within the price of each pair of hearing aid are follow-up appointments and a three year manufacturer’s warranty. While many other providers limit their support beyond the purchase of the hearing aids, Hearing Choices goes above and beyond, and offers lifetime unlimited phone
and online support. Buying your hearing aids through Hearing Choices gives you access to insurance rebates and government schemes if you’re eligible.

I'm a pensioner, is there any Government subsidies for hearing aids?

The voucher program run by the Office of Hearing Services offers eligible people access to full audiological assessment by a qualified technician and a range of fully subsidised hearing aids. Access to the program is dependent on certain eligibility criteria. You can also use the Voucher to “Top Up” towards more premium hearing aids with advanced technology and features.


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