Signia AX Hearing Aids Now Available

Signia AX

The listening experience with the new Signia Augmented Xperience (AX) sets out to optimise hearing in every type of environment, in regard to situations that are important to you. This technology, driven by Augmented Focus™, creates awareness of surrounding sound while focusing on communication, improving detail and clarity of the speech signal.

Signia can back up the claims of substantial improvements for Signia AX wearers with evidence from surveys conducted on the wearers of these hearing devices. The data is showing clear benefits in the Signia AX technology with 78% of users reporting a preference for the Signia AX when compared to their previous hearing aids.

AX features

Augmented Focus™: This feature is driven by dual sound processors – a totally new experience for hearing aid wearers. When you have two sound processors, the hearing aids find it easier to separate noise from speech. Microphone placement in these hearing aids allows for detection of sound from in front of you and behind. These sounds are separated and processed independently, allowing the hearing aid to determine if the particular sound is relevant to you, or just background noise. The classification of your listening environment is possible due to the other features in the Signia technology, including motion sensors and voice processing.

This helps the processers determine if the sounds need to be increased or reduced independently. The sounds are processed separately then combined to give a more detailed hearing experience, with focus on what you want to hear, but keeping you aware of background noise inputs.

Galvanic charging: Signia is currently the only hearing aid brand that uses galvanic charging. This battery power type was introduced for the Signia Pure Charge & Go T AX model which includes a telecoil. Signia are moving away from inductive style charging into the longer lasting galvanic chargers. Galvanic charging not only gives a longer battery life but allows for smaller hearing aids to use this style of rechargeable battery.

This means, that the Signia AX rechargeable hearing aids will be considerably smaller than those already on the market. For battery life length, on a single charge, you can get you up to 39 hours. With streaming, the battery life will be lessened, as with all rechargeable hearing aids, and this is dependent on how much streaming you do.

With your Signia AX rechargeable hearing aid there are three different types of chargers:

  • Pure Charger (plugs into the wall for charging)
  • Pure Portable Charger which holds an internal charge for travelling
  • Pure Dry&Clean Charger which has a dehumidifier build in to stop moisture build-up in your hearing aids

Low Energy Bluetooth: The AX line of hearing aids are a ‘made for iPhone’ device but you can use Android phones with them. The Low Energy Bluetooth protocol in the hearing aids allows for excellent binaural streaming (streaming into both ears) and connection to the Signia App.

Signia App: You can adjust volume and programs in the app. You can also connect to your Audiologist or Audiometrist via the Telehealth function for remote adjustments to your hearing aids.

Signia Assistant: The Signia Assistant will help you customise the sound of your hearing aids in different listening environments, using artificial intelligence. This feature is activated via the Signia App on your phone and will keep track of your preferences in different situations to be continually up-dating and personalising your hearing world.

Motion Sensor: Motion sensor technology, which detects your motion and positioning, is also available in the AX hearing aids. This is an important feature, particularly for Augmented Focus™ in determining your environment for classification of the incoming signals.

OVP: Or Own Voice Processing is a unique feature to Signia hearing aids and is included in the AX range. OVP means your own voice is processed separately to other sounds in your environment, so it sounds more natural, right from the first time you wear it.

AX styles and performance levels


The Signia AX is available in a number of styles with the RIC Signia Pure Charge & Go T AX being the first AX model released. This is the small behind-the-ear style and includes the galvanic recharger and telecoil. Other models in this range are:

  • Various BTE Pure form factors with or without the telecoil,
  • Styletto AX (slim styled and beautifully designed for the fashion-conscious)
  • Insio ChargeGo AX for a custom In-the-Ear style of hearing aid.
  • CROS hearing aids in both the Styletto and Pure models area also available for you if you have single-sided hearing loss.

There are five levels of performance for the AX hearing aids, with the 7AX giving you the highest level of hearing execution and utilising all of the amazing features of the AX technology.

The Signia AX is a game-changer with dual signal processing. Sound appears more ‘alive’ when processed this way, allowing better immersion in your soundscape and improved understanding in complex situations. Ask your clinician for a trial to see if the Signia AX is what you’re looking for in a next generation hearing device.

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