In The Ear Hearing Aids

What are In the Ear hearing aids?

An in the ear hearing aid are housed in a custom mold that sit in the lower portion of the ear. They are custom made for your ear so are generally very comfortable and range from being visible externally to being completely invisible.  They are slighly less conspicuous than behind the ear hearing aids as they sit in the ear without an external device, therefore they are desirable for people looking for something less visible externally.

What type of hearing loss are in the ear hearing aids for?

In the ear hearing aids are recommended for mild to severe hearing loss. Your audiologist will recommend whether this type of hearing aid is suitable for your specific hearing needs.

In The canal – ITC

custom hearing aid

ITC, or in the canal hearing aids are slightly larger and are still visible by other people. They are molded to your ears and may have controls on the device.

Half shell ITE hearing aids

in the ear half shell ite hearing aid user

These are custom molded to fit into the lower half of the ear bowl, since these are larger than other types extra technology such as directional microphones can still be added.

Full Shell ITE hearing aids

in the ear hearing aid

These fill up the outer ear and are visible externally, however they do have extra features such as volume control, switchable programs and often a telephone control.

Completely In The Canal – CITC

womans ear with lyric

CITC or completely in the canal hearing aids sit deeply in the ear canal and are invisible to other people. These are suitable for mild to moderate hearing loss and for those people without dexterity issues. They may or may not be removable without the help of an Audiologist.

Are in the ear hearing aids right for me?

Everyone has their own needs and each case needs to be judged by competent professional. Generally ITE hearing aids are suitable for most adults, but not recommended for children as their ear canals are still growing. Hearing Choices will put you in touch with a local audiologist who will be able to pick the very best hearing aids for your needs. Only after a thorough test and fitting session can you get the perfect hearing aid.

How to insert in the ear hearing aids?

In the ear hearing aids are simple to insert, first you put the end tip of your device into your ear canal then gently pull your ear lobe down to enlarge the canal while pushing the hearing aid into the canal, you can also gently twist the device as well. There should be absolutely no pain or discomfort when inserting the ITE hearing aid, and the device should sit snugly and comfortably within the ear. If there is any movement or discomfort please contact Hearing Choices to put you in touch with a local audiologist.

How to clean an in the ear hearing aid.

Because in the ear hearing aids are inserted into the ear, they can often be clogged with wax and other types of moisture. Over time, this may block and muffle the sound and speakers of the device. Most in the ear hearing aids will come with a small brush which you can use to clean the sound outlet by gently inserting it into the device to clean out the wax. If your device has a ex filter if they are self replaceable they should be replaced as often as the manufacturer recommends.

What is the best brand for in the ear hearing aids?

All the major manufacturers make in the hearing aids. Everyone responds to hearing aids differently so only after a careful diagnosis and trial can we find the best brand for you. All Hearing Choices customers will get a 30 day trial for their hearing aids, meaning if your not 100% happy with your in the ear hearing aids you can go back to your clinician to get them to re-fit or swap them.

How much do ITE hearing aids cost?

Every major manufacturer has In The Hearing Aids, the price will be determined mainly by the level of technology you want and the model of hearing aid you pick. Prices start at around $1600 per hearing aid and can go up to $3500 per aid for the premium technology levels. Your local audiologist will examine your hearing levels and your lifestyle needs so you can evaluate whether you want to spend on the extra features.

phonak vitro

Phonak Vitro

Starts at $1500 per hearing aid. The Phonak Virto Q series offers the Phonak SoundZoom features in a small discreet package.

siemens insio

Siemens Insio

Starts at $1700 per hearing aid. The Siemens Insio ITE hearing aid comes in up to 4 different technology levels and has the option to be completely in the canal or full shell depending on the customers requirements.

widex dream

Widex Dream

The Widex Dream comes in 4 technology levels and starts at $1600 per hearing aid. Most of the models are Bluetooth compatible and can come in the style that best suits the customers needs and ear anatomy.