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Starkey Muse IQ (R)

Release Date: 2018

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                                    FROM $2,300

Starkey Hearing Technologies is known across the globe as the leader in developing, manufacturing and delivering advanced hearing solutions. But its dedicated team of 5,000 see their mission as more than the nuts and bolts of producing technology – Starkey stands for connecting people and changing lives.

What sets Starkey Hearing Technologies apart from the rest is a fierce commitment to philanthropy. When you invest in better hearing for yourself, a donation from the proceeds goes to the Starkey Hearing Foundation. Established formally in 1984, the Foundation still lives by the motto of founder, William F. Austin: “Alone we can’t do much. Together we can change the world.” Committed Foundation volunteers undertake more than 100 missions around the globe each year, fitting people in need with free hearing aids and upskilling local teams to continue a program of care. Around 100,000 people annually receive the priceless gift of hearing.


Starkey Halo IQ

Release Date: 2018
FROM $2300
  • Made for iPhone hearing aid for music and call streaming
  • Acutity Immersion technology mimics your natural hearing
  • Adjust the Halo IQ using the easy to use TruLink app on your smartphone

Starkey Muse IQ

Release Date: 2018
FROM $2300
  • Compatible with Starkey's range of SurfLink Accessories
  • IQ technology provides excellent sound quality and a natural listening experience
  • Available in a wide variety of styles and technology levels

Starkey SoundLense Synergy IQ

Release Date: 2018
FROM $2300
  • One of the smallest invisible hearing aids
  • One of the only invisible hearing aids that are wireless enabled
  • Based on Starkey's excellent Synergy platform which provides great sound quality

Introducing IQ Technology

Starkey Hearing Technologies hearing aid sales skyrocketed after President Ronald Reagan went public with his hearing loss in 1983. Reagan stepped out with a Starkey in-canal hearing aid. Reagan is only the first US President to align his brand with that of Starkey Hearing Technologies. Former Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush have also attended its Hearing Innovation Exposition events as keynote speakers in recent years.

Australian volunteers have recently travelled to Cambodia, Vanuatu, Malaysia and Bali, helping hundreds of people in these countries to connect with those around them and reach their full potential.

Starkey was the first manufacturer to collaborate with Apple. In 2014, the Halo hit the market, a hearing aid built specifically for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod. The Halo connects seamless with your device via the TruLink app, to stream calls, messages, music, and video content directly into the hearing aids with pristine, high-fidelity sound.

Starkey hearing aids rely on sound evidence for when new technology can make a real difference. If it doesn’t improve the hearing experience, it doesn’t go forward. Starkey always tests products thoroughly against other hearing aids, back up all claims, and make findings public.

Starkey Hearing Technologies was founded in Eden Prairie, Minnesota and still takes pride in its American heritage and history of ingenuity. It is the only American-owned major hearing aid manufacturer in the world and is the USA’s largest manufacturer, with sales of more than a million hearing aids each year.

Starkey Hearing Technologies operates in 100 markets around the world and boasts a Hearing Research Center in Berkeley, California. This state-of-the-art research facility builds on five decades of innovation to better understand the science of hearing loss and its impact on real lives. Currently, more than 100 different research and development projects are underway here – each of which could become the breakthroughs of the future. These insights power the superior technologies of Starkey products.

During the development of every new product, Starkey Hearing Technologies works closely with hearing health specialists and the people who will be wearing the products – like you. This ensures that any updates really will offer significant patient benefit. Starkey is laser-focused on finding smaller, easier and better ways to hear, but remains committed to launching new technologies only when measurable differences can be proven. If it won’t improve the quality of life for the wearer, they won’t do it.

Just some of the recent innovative developments Starkey has delivered include industry-leading invisible hearing aids, unmatched sound quality, simpler controls, and wireless connectivity advances.

When you wear Starkey Hearing Technologies hearing aids, you’ll notice the difference in both quality, and the support you’ll receive from Starkey’s network of hearing professionals around Australia.


Are Hearing Aids Covered By Public And/Or Private Health Insurance?

Unfortunately hearing aids are not covered by Medicare. Pensioners are eligible for free hearing aids under the OHS or they can use the OHS voucher to top up to a more premium hearing aid. Depending on your level of cover with them, private health insurance companies such as HCF and Bupa offer rebates on hearing consultations and devices but waiting periods apply. Be sure to contact your health fund first as restrictions and limitations may be imposed.

Hearing Aids Are Pretty Expensive, Are Payment Plans Available?

Yes. In November 2016 Hearing Choices secured a partnership with zipMoney. Thanks to zipMoney’s simple and flexible line of credit we’re pleased to offer Hearing Choices customers interest free payment plans on all purchases.