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Signia Silk NX

Release Date: 2018

The Signia Silk NX are ready to wear invisible hearing aids based on the brand new NX platform. Unlike other invisible hearing aids, the Silk…

Signia Silk NX
                                    FROM $1700

The German company, Sivantos Group, acquired the Siemens hearing aid division in 2015. Siemens, founded in 1847, is a veteran manufacturing company for various technologies, medical solutions, and transportation. But they’re also a leading company for hearing aids.

With over 100 years’ experience with creating technology for individuals with hearing loss, Siemens is now successfully incorporated by Sivantos Group and together they’ve created new hearing aid devices.

In 2015, Sivantos Group saw a huge boost in profit and growth. With this 10% growth increase, and with Siemens by their side, they’ve now launched their own successful brand of hearing aids: Signia.

Signia brings advanced technology with their hearing devices while keeping Siemens well-known innovation and product quality.

Signia Silk NX

Release Date: 2018
FROM $1700
  • The only instant fit invisible hearing aid that doesn't need custom moulds.
  • Uses SIgnia NX own voice processing for natural sounding voice.
  • Wireless enabled and can be adjusted via a smartphone app.

Signia Pure Charge & Go

Release Date: 2018
FROM $2,700
  • Sealed lithium ion rechargeable battery with inductive charge
  • Great natural sound with Signia's brand new NX platform
  • Made for iPhone hearing aid with direct streaming to both ears

Signia Pure NX

Release Date: 2017
FROM $2,300
  • A great looking receiver in the canal device packed with the latest technology
  • Made for iPhone hearing aids with direct streaming for calls and music
  • Suitable for all types of hearing loss and lifestyles

Own Voice Processing Explained

Features of Signia Hearing Aids

Signia offers 4 new types of hearing aids with brand new and improved technology.

The NX devices are sleekly designed and come in a choice of a dozen colours.

With the release of the NX platform, Signia is the first hearing aid manufacturer to deal with a common complaint that hearing aid users have, which how the hearing aids process the sound of their own voice.

The NX has OVP (own voice processing) built in, which recognises the sound of the wearers voice and processes it differently to make it sound much more natural compared to similar devices from other hearing aid manufacturers.

Signia now targets the younger crowd with their hearing aid appearance and technology features.

Their HD Music program provides fantastic sound quality for any musical event. And to pinpoint the exact sound over a noisy crowd, the SpeechMaster function allows for singularity hearing.

SpeechMaster also works with SoundSmoothing™ to smooth additional distracting sounds, and eWindScreen™ to limit intrusive breezes when on the go.

These Signia technologies resonate with the youth but they alsoincorporate features for adults, such as EchoShield. Echoing, sound reflections, and reverberations can be reduced to hear clearer; this is especially great at family gatherings with children.

Signia also incorporates the use of apps. touchControl remotely controls volume, bass and treble with your smart phone. And easyTek helps transform wireless hearing aids into a high-functioning stereo for effortless streaming from the hearing aid to smart devices.

The higher priced hearing devices (7nx) offer the most amount of programs and accessories. This is why they are described as “platinum” tier.

But the gold and silver tiers have their own benefits, such as wireless hearing, additional apps for concise hearing, CROS/BiCROS solutions for un-aidable hearing loss in one ear, and tinnitus therapy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Hearing Aids Covered By Public And/Or Private Health Insurance?

Unfortunately hearing aids are not covered by Medicare. Pensioners are eligible for free hearing aids under the OHS or they can use the OHS voucher to top up to a more premium hearing aid. Depending on your level of cover with them, private health insurance companies such as HCF and Bupa offer rebates on hearing consultations and devices but waiting periods apply. Be sure to contact your health fund first as restrictions and limitations may be imposed.

Hearing Aids Are Pretty Expensive, Are Payment Plans Available?

Yes. In November 2016 Hearing Choices secured a partnership with zipMoney. Thanks to zipMoney’s simple and flexible line of credit we’re pleased to offer Hearing Choices customers interest free payment plans on all purchases.

What Happens If I’m Not Satisfied With My Purchase?

If you don’t feel your hearing aids adequately solve your hearing issues we’ll gladly refund you in full within 45 days of your purchase. We’re confident we can find a sustainable solution for you but if we can’t we’ll happily give you your money back.

Why should i buy hearing aids through Hearing Choices?

The most compelling reason is that by purchasing hearing aids through Hearing Choices you can save a massive 40% off the price retail chains with no compromise on service or customer satisfaction. Most hearing aid chains in Australia are owned by a manufacturer, meaning you may have a limited choices of hearing aids offered to you. At Hearing Choices, we are independent of any supplier and can provide independent and unbiased advice on the very best hearing aid for you. We also don’t compromise on service and all hearing aids sold by us include a hearing test, fitting and aftercare.