A waterproof hearing aid by Phonak

Phonak continues to develop cutting edge technology and again has proved this with their recent release of the world’s first waterproof, rechargeable hearing aid – the Phonak Audéo Life. Introduced to world in August 2021, and will be available in Australia in the near future, the world’s first shower, sweat and waterproof hearing aid has made a splash!

The facts

It is waterproof to half a metre depth. The internal technology of this hearing aid is protected from dampness as it has been manufactured with less open points that let in moisture. The hearing aid is sealed with a Parylene coating that resists shower and sweat and a submersion in water (fresh, salt or chlorinated) of up to fifty centimetres. This hearing aid provides a valuable solution for you if take part in activities that occur in physically demanding environments – such as sailing, running in all weather, or working out in the gym.

The world’s first waterproof, rechargeable hearing aid – the Phonak Audéo Life, is part of the Phonak Paradise range and available as a rechargeable model only. These hearing aids are charged via induction charging technology and have been launched alongside Phonak’s new charger – the Phonak Charger Case Go.

The charging mechanism is similar to that seen with earbud chargers. This technology means there are no physical contact points between the charger and hearing aid. The hearing devices are pulled into position via an internal magnet. The magnetic field allows for transference of charging energy form the charging cradle to the hearing aids.

The Phonak Audéo Life is a behind-the-ear model, suitable for all levels of hearing.

Phonak Paradise platform

The waterproof Audéo Life hearing aids will not only give assurance in high moisture environments, but the sound you’ll receive will be crisp and natural. You’ll have universal connectivity to smartphones (for hands free calls), Roger accessories, and other audio devices, allowing for multiple Bluetooth device connections.

You’ll be able to access smartphone apps through the myPhonak App and utilise the Tap Control to activate a variety of functions. With just a tap on the device you can answer phone calls, stream music, and activate Siri or Google or Alexa.

The technology in the Paradise range aims to balance audibility, loudness, and sound quality, for natural hearing in all environments. The Speech Enhancer has a soft-level speech boost to ensure no communication is lost in amongst the noise. Coupled with the Motion Sensor, your hearing aid microphones will detect if you’re moving or stationary and how much noise is present in your soundscape.

The Dynamic Noise Cancellation then gives you more personalisation of the hearing aid for spatial noise optimisation. You can adjust this in the myPhonak app – just determine the noise cancellation that suits you best, in real-time situations.

The Phonak Audéo Life could be the hearing device you need to match your lifestyle in those physically demanding environments. If you think these hearing aids will give you the confidence around your water pursuits and empower you to enjoy life to the fullest, call us here at Hearing Choices and we’ll put you in touch with your local Hearing Clinic for more information.

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