BREAKING: These New Hearing Aids May Change Your Life

The future of hearing care is here.

Finally latest hearing aids to arrive in Australia are not only discreet but are packed with the very latest Bluetooth technology.


If you’re part of the one in six Australian’s who suffer from hearing loss, there is new new help available! The latest advances in technology have shrunk the size of the devices without compromising their technology and performance. They can now help your hearing in background noise and group conversations while the Bluetooth technology allows you to stream audio directly from many devices.

Now available for a risk-free trial at clinics right across Australia.

To find out which of these new devices is most appropriate for your specific needs, visit who will connect you with a local expert clinic in your area to provide a completely no obligation consultation.

The first step is to arrange a no obligation hearing test at your local clinic, this will tell you the severity and type of your hearing loss  and is the first step in choosing an appropriate device. Most initial consultations through are completely free and without any further obligations.

People are going wild about these new devices because they can now hear better in group conversations and background noise as well as discreet stream phone calls from their smartphones.

Here’s how to apply for a risk free trial

Step 1: Select your state from the list.
Step 2: After completing a couple of questions you will be able to compare different products and devices after a quick consultation.

Most people suffer with hearing loss for years not knowing that the latest devices are more affordable and better than ever. works with hundreds of clinics around Australia and many offer free hearing tests and completely no obligation trials of the latest hearing aid technology.

Pensioners and DVA clients may be entitled to subsidies from the government which includes a range of free hearing aids*. You also may be eligible for rebates from your private health insurance depending on your cover.

Hearing loss is not something that you need to suffer with anymore. will connect you with your local trusted clinic so that you can experience this life changing technology for yourself first hand!

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