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Getting a hearing test is a common procedure normally carried out by a certified audiologist in order to test and evaluate the sensitivity of a person’s hearing. A Hearing Test is normally carried out in a clinic within a soundproof booth in order to try to minimise any outside noise interference.  More modern technology allows hearing tests to be conducted at a patient’s home using slimmed down and more mobile equipment. Here at Hearing Choices if you are a looking to book a test in Melbourne or any other State we can help you find the closest place to get a hearing test.

Signs you need a hearing test

The first and most common sign you should get a hearing test is when you have difficulty hearing those around you and often have to ask people to repeat themselves.  Book A Hearing Test Today

Over 50% of the Australian population between 60 and 70 report that they suffer from some sort of hearing loss. Noisy environments can often exacerbate the symptoms of hearing loss and make it difficult for those suffering with even a mild form of hearing loss to hear what people are saying. If you find yourself having difficulty having a conversation in a noisy environment you should get a hearing test.

One common sign of hearing loss is when those around you complain that you are watching the TV or listening to the radio too loud while you still have difficulty hearing. If you find yourself increasing the volume of the TV in order to hear correctly, it may be sign to seek a hearing test. One other sign you may need to get your hearing checked is ringing in the ears. This may be caused by Tinnitus or early signs of hearing loss.

Preparing for your hearing test

It’s best to be prepared for your hearing test so that your audiologist will be able to give you the most assistance possible. Here are just a few ways for you to prepare.

1. Have a think about the type of hearing loss you are experiencing, is it only in certain situations? Is it limited to specific pitches? do you suffer more in certain environments? The more information you give your audiologist the better they can diagnose and help your hearing loss.

2. Make a list of medication you are on, are you taking any anti-biotics or other medication which could be affecting your hearing? Have you had any surgery on your ears previously or any injuries or previous cases of hearing loss when you were younger.

3. Have a list of questions that you want to ask your audiologist, anything you may be worried about or have concerns about your audiologist is there to help you and answer any questions you may have.

Types of hearing Tests

Types Of Hearing Test

Pure Tone

Pure Tone The pure tone hearing test  is the most simplest type, different pitches of sound are played at different frequencies to determine if there is any hearing loss. Headphones are normally used for this type of test.

Speech Testing

Speech Testing is a similar hearing test to the pure tone test and normally used to corroborate those results. Word’s at various volumes are played to the patient and the patient is asked to repeat the words.

Middle Ear

The testing of the middle ear is also a common hearing test and is used to measure and that the middle ear is functioning correctly. The audiologist can check the fluid as well as the acoustic reflex of the middle ear.

Auditory Brain-Stem

The Auditory Brain-stem response hearing test is done via electrodes placed on the patient’s head. This is normally done when it’s suspected the hearing loss originates from the brain, rather than the ear and children who have difficulty with conventional hearing tests.

Hearing Test Results

Hearing test results are called an audiogram, which plots the frequencies and volumes of sounds you are able to hear in each ear. An audiogram is used to compare the hearing loss between your ears, to see the degree of hearing loss as well as to determine those most suitable treatment for your loss.

Modern hearing aids can also be customised to your personal audiogram to boost the volume of frequencies you may have difficulty hearing.

Hearing test results

My hearing test shows sign of hearing loss, now what?

Your audiologist will suggest different options depending on the results of your audio-gram and other tests they may take. There are numerous options available to people with hearing loss however only a qualified Audiologist or hearing specialist will be able to determine what steps should be take after you get the results of your hearing test. Some options may include thing like Wax removal if the cause of the hearing loss is through Wax build up inside the ear. You also may discuss other options like purchasing hearing aids which can help those suffering from hearing loss and your audiologist can help you choose the right model for your needs. If you qualify, you may also discuss Cochlear implants if your results deem you eligible for that treatment.

Only after being tested by a qualified Audiologist can the right solution be chosen for you. We have local partners in all major capitals including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Cairns & Perth for your hearing needs.

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