Hearing Choices Audiologists

Here at Hearing Choices we make it easy to find a trusted clinic in Australia. Whatever your hearing needs, all partners operating with Hearing Choices are licensed and trusted practitioners ready to offer advice and answer questions regarding your hearing health or hearing loss. All our partners are strictly screened to ensure you always receive professional care. When visiting one of our many Partner Audiologists operating around Australia you’ll often receive your first consultation for free! Unless you already have an Audiogram, we’ll conduct a comprehensive hearing test to ensure any hearing aids dispensed are suitable for your hearing loss.

      More About Hearing Tests & Audiograms

      So What Can I Expect At My Appointment?

      Firstly, you'll be asked questions about your history and past experience with hearing loss. Our partners will then likely examine your ears, and then depending on your symptoms provide either a screening test (Audiogram) or a number of other assessments and basic hearing tests to determine the extent of your hearing loss. At all stages the Partner Audiologist you visit will keep you informed about the procedure and answer any questions you may have.

      When Should I See An Audiologist?

      You don't need to be referred to us by an ENT or doctor to one of our Partner Audiologists or even to receive hearing test. If you think your are suffering from hearing loss give Hearing Choices a call and one our consultants can setup a FREE appointment for you with one of our local partners. Experiencing ear pain , dizziness, buzzing or ringing in your ears? Schedule a hearing test with an Hearing Choices Partner right away!

      What Type of Hearing Tests Can Be Performed?

      Pure Tone - This is to determine which frequencies each ear can hear.
      Speech - To determine which volume you have trouble hearing speech.
      Middle Ear - Various tests to determine how your middle ear is functioning.
      Inner Ear - Testing to determine information about the cochlear inner ear functions and brain pathways for hearing.

      What Experience Do Audiologists Have?

      All Audiologists in Australia have up to 5 years university experience including 2 years of a Master’s degree so they are well equipped to assist you. If you are suffering from symptoms such as dizziness or vertigo please let your Audiologist know so that they can do specific tests for those symptoms. They may refer you on for further testing to properly diagnose your condition.

      Will an Audiologist Find Me The Best Hearing Aid?

      After conducting an Audiogram and evaluating the situations in which you are having difficulty hearing, your Audiologist can start to recommend styles and brands of hearing aids. Everyone's ears are unique and react differently to a hearing aid so only after trialling and testing different types will you be able to determine the best device for you. There is a very large price difference between hearing aid models so your audiologist will work within your budget to help you find the right hearing aid. At Hearing Choices we offer 45 day trial hearing aid trials so should you not be happy we will issue you a full refund inside 45 days