Connect Hearing Clinics Review

Connect Hearing is a large chain of clinics in Australia owned by the hearing aid manufacturer Sonova.

Sonova manufacturers the brands of hearing aids such as Phonak, Unitron and Hansaton.

They also recently acquired the direct to consumer hearing aid business based in Australia called Blamey Saunders.

This means that if you visit a Connect Hearing clinic, it’s more likely then not that  you will be offered Phonak or Unitron as a first choice in brands.

Connect Hearing boast to have nearly 120 clinics around Australia however it’s difficult to determine how many full time clinics they offer and how many of those are visiting sites with limited operating days and times.

Connect Hearing offer a consumers guide to hearing aids and while they claim it’s independent they are owned by a hearing aid manufacturer so it’s difficult to determine whether that is 100% correct.

Sonova manufacturers the popular Phonak Paradise and Marvel hearing aid which offer excellent connectivity and streaming to both iPhone and Android phones.

We are unable to determine the prices that Connect Hearing charges for hearing aids as like many clinics they do not have clear and transparent pricing on their website.

They claim to offer entry level devices for $995 but do not provide details about more premium models or any further details about what’s included in that price.

Like many other hearing aid clinics they now offer a hearing test online which means you do not need to visit the clinic to get a determination of your hearing loss.

Having said that, an online hearing test in no way replaces a full and comprehensive evaluation in clinic.

Hearing Choices offers competitive pricing on both Phonak and Unitron hearing aids and offers a risk free trial of all devices.

If you are interested in learning more about Sonova branded hearing aids and compare whether they are right for you, please give us a call on 1300 848 335.