Storing And Insuring Your Hearing Aids

Storing your hearing aids

There are a number of factors to consider when storing your hearing aids, whether it be overnight or for an extended period. You should have a hearing aid case (whether you have a rechargeable device or not) and you should place your hearing aids in this case each night. If you use disposable batteries, open the battery door before you close the case lid. For best results, remove the batteries each night.

If you’re going to store your hearing aids for a longer period, you definitely need to remove the batteries to avoid corrosion. If you have dehumidifier, store your hearing aids in one of these each night.

storing your hearing aids

Insuring your hearing aids

Insure your hearing aids under your Housing Contents insurance policy. If something happens to your hearing aids you want to make sure you can replace them easily and without too much pain on your pocket.

Try to keep your hearing aids safe and away from children and pets – especially away from your dog. Dogs love to chew hearing aids.

hearing aid insurance

Losing hearing aids happens. If you lose yours, or they get stolen, let both your Insurer and Hearing Clinic know. 

Some clinics have hearing aids to loan out on such occasions. You can wear the loan hearing aid while you sort out your insurance policy.

Once you’ve made your claim, you can get assessed for a new hearing aid.

hearing aid