Unitron Hearing Aid Prices

Founded in 1964, Unitron is a Canadian-based hearing aid manufacturer, whose products are currently sold in over 70 countries. The designs of Unitron’s hearing aids prioritise the user and provide a seamless and stress-free experience when utilising their devices.

How much do Unitron hearing aids cost?

Unitron hearing aid prices start at $1,400 for a basic technology level device, and increase up to $4,500 for a premium technology level device. This large discrepancy between technology levels is due to Unitron offering five different technology levels, from the basic “T 500” to the premium “T Pro”.

When you purchase a Unitron hearing aid from Hearing Choices, you are guaranteed a 45-day trial period, and hearing aid prices that includes a 5% price beat guarantee when you have a written Australian quote from another retailer.

Furthermore, Hearing Choices holds your customer satisfaction in high regard, and ensures that you are getting the best care not only from us, but from the many qualified audiologists that work across Australia.

Unitron Hearing Aid Full Price List

BrandHearing AidPrice for OnePrice for TwoTechnology level
UnitronUnitron Moxi Tempus Pro$3,900$7,800 5 Stars
UnitronUnitron Moxi Tempus 800$3,000$6,0004 Stars
UnitronUnitron Moxi Tempus 700$2,200$4,4004 Stars
UnitronUnitron Moxi Tempus 600$1,700$3,4003 Stars
UnitronUnitron Moxi Tempus Fit R - Pro$3,950$7,9005 Stars
UnitronUnitron Moxi Tempus Fit R - 800$3,150$6,3004 Stars
UnitronUnitron Moxi Tempus Fit R - 700$2,450$4,9004 Stars
UnitronUnitron Moxi Tempus Fit R - 600$1,950$3,9003 Stars

There are currently three Unitron hearing aids that are available at Hearing Choices. These are the Unitron Moxi Fit R, Unitron Moxi – Tempus, and the Unitron Stride – Tempus.

Brief summaries of the available models

Unitron's Model

  • The Unitron Moxi Fit R comes in five different technology levels, and is the smallest rechargeable hearing aid. The benefits of a rechargeable battery include convenience, simple to use, positive environmental impact, and less stress as if you forget to charge it, you are also able to use disposable batteries. It comes in a RIC style and is compatible with Unitron’s uControl app.
  • The Unitron Moxi -Tempus comes in five technology levels, and is the smallest wireless RIC. Furthermore, by having the Tempus Platform, you will receive processing that is not only 50% more accurate, but 36% faster.
  • The Unitron Stride – Tempus comes in five technology levels, and is available in a BTE style. It is suitable for those with a mild to severe hearing loss, and provides technology that automatically adjusts the hearing aid to your social needs.

How much are Unitron Hearing Aids?

Unitron hearing aid prices are primarily dependent on which technology level you choose. With five different technology levels available, Unitron allows the consumer to choose which technology level they will benefit from most, as well as what they are willing to spend for which features. When you choose a technology level, you must see which features will help you most, as well as its quality. If you are unsure of which technology level to choose, or Unitron hearing aid prices, contact Hearing Choices for a quote.

Unitron Technology

Unitron Essential Technology Level

  • Unitron’s basic technology level is the T 500, and offers the user 6 channels and automatic SoundNav environments. Features that are included in this technology level include Speech Enhancement, Noise Reduction, Basic Adaptive Directionality, Pinna Effect, AntiShock 2, Wind Control, Feedback Manager, Natural Sound Balance, and Tinnitus Masker. Unitron’s hearing aids essential technology pricing starts at $1,350

Unitron Standard Technology Level

  • Unitron’s standard technology level is the T 600, and offers the user 10 channels and 3 SoundNav environments. This technology level includes all of the features found in the basic technology level, as well as ones that are not found in the T 500. These include Conversation in Quiet, Conversation in Noise, Quiet, Multiband Adaptive Directionality, and Binaural Phone. Unitron’s hearing aids standard technology pricing starts at $1,700.

Unitron Advanced Technology Level

  • Unitron has two advanced technology levels that differ minimally. They are the T 700 and T 800, and provide the user with 16 and 20 channels, as well as 6 and 7 SoundNav environments respectively. Features that are found in the T 700 that are not found in the T 600 include Noise, Conversation in Crowd, Conversation in a Small Group, SpeechZone, Speech Locator, and Spatial Awareness. Features that are found in the T 800 that are not found in the T 700 include Music, SpeechZone 2, Personalised Spatial Awareness, and Binaural MyMusic. Unitron’s hearing aids advanced technology pricing starts at $2,200.

Unitron Premium Technology Level

  • Unitron’s premium technology level is the T Pro, and offers 20 channels and 7 SoundNav environments. Features that are unique to the premium technology level include SpeechPro, Dynamic Spatial Awareness, and Speech Focus. Unitron’s hearing aids premium technology pricing starts at $3,500.

Choosing a Unitron Hearing AidMoxi Fit R Prices

Unitron offers an array of technology levels and an advanced Platform at a variety of price points, making the choice of choosing a Unitron hearing aid easy.

The range provided by Unitron means that you will find a device that will benefit your degree and type of hearing loss not only through the features included but through the Tempus Platform. Furthermore, by boasting the smallest hearing aids currently available in the market, those who wish to have more discreet and sleek hearing aids will find the perfect one with Unitron.

When you choose a Unitron hearing aid, consider your hearing loss, and when you struggle most. The features you require from your amplification device will vary depending on your lifestyle and needs. Discussing a budget with your audiologist will also assist in the process and choosing a Unitron device at the best price.

Why choose Hearing Choices?

The price you pay when you purchase a Unitron hearing aid or accessory with Hearing Choices includes not only the device you have chosen, but direct consultations with a local qualified audiologist that works in partnership with Hearing Choices. By choosing qualified audiologists, you are being promised a higher level of care during your hearing aid journey. If the hearing aid you have chosen does not provide the benefits you expected, or you simply do not like it, Hearing Choices promises a 100% 45-day money back guarantee, meaning that you can always choose another hearing aid after. Furthermore, your hearing aid is covered by a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Contact us on 1300 848 335 today for a free, no obligation consultation with a qualified consultant for advice or queries. The full price list of Unitron hearing aid prices can be found below, as well as through a quote over the phone with a Hearing Choices consultant.

Please get in touch with us with any questions or if you have a more competitive quote you would like us to beat.

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