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Premium Mild to Severe hearing loss

  • Uses a Deep Neural Network for Intelligent Hearing
  • Scans the sound environment 500 times per second
  • The lithium-ion recharger will give a full day’s power on three hours of charge
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Oticon continues to build on its BrainHearing technology with the new Oticon More hearing aid. BrainHearing utilises a different set of parameters to interpret, process and amplify sound, when compared to the technology used by other hearing aid manufacturers. With Oticon More, BrainHearing has been taken to the next level with a type of artificial intelligence called Deep Neural Network. The aim of this technology is to optimise hearing by giving the brain full access to all sounds, not just the ones a directional microphone will focus on.

Oticon has powered the More hearing aid with its latest processing platform, Polaris. This allows deeper, more natural engagement in conversations with a fifteen percent increase in speech understanding. The Polaris chip utilises a 64-channel processing ability and has twice the computation capacity of the Velox S platform, (Oticon’s platform for the OPN S hearing aids). These improvements in technology enable the onboard Deep Neural Network to run effectively along with all the other technologies employed in this device.

The Deep Neural Network for Intelligent Hearing

Deep learning is a type of machine learning that uses technology inspired by the brain structures, aiming to mimic the intelligence of the neural network. Oticon More has been ‘trained’ to identify over twelve million sounds, including each sound’s importance to the listener. The Deep Neural Network (DNN) gathers and learns about sounds through experiences you encounter, in your day-to-day listening environments, over repeated patterns. The DNN has many hidden and connected layers in its network. These connections feed information to each other, in the one direction, working together to recognise the sounds and build a picture of the sound environment. Gathering and building on the input of sounds, the DNN balances the sound for output into your ears. It does this ‘balancing act’ by using the millions of sounds in its memory bank, comparing the input to what it should ideally sound like, repeatedly strengthening the neural network to build the soundscape. And it does this specifically to your hearing levels. This connected network of sound training will give you improved hearing ability in any situation.

MoreSound Intelligence 

MoreSound Intelligence is part of the DNN technology. It gathers the sound and optimizes it specifically for your hearing levels. It does this by continually scanning the sound environment 500 times per second and then analysing this information. This enables each individual sound to be heard and not mixed in with all the other stimuli in the sound scene. Combined with your listening preferences, this technology then organises the sounds you’re hearing and contrasts them to the memory bank of sounds in the hearing aid’s DNN. This gives you, the listener, a listening environment where all sounds are clear and full – a more natural hearing experience.

MoreSound Amplifier

The MoreSound Amplifier moves away from conventional hearing aid compression technology by increasing the resolution speed, giving precise balance to the amplified sound. The faster adaptation to the sound being optimized, (through the adaptive speed pilot), ensures the brain is receiving all information in the listening environment. This enables a more detailed classification, contrast and balance between the input of sounds.

A miniRITE with all the options

The Oticon More has been released first in the small rechargeable receiver-in-the-ear (RITE) style, with plans to release other models in the near future.

The miniRITE-R is a rechargeable, Bluetooth-enabled hearing device. The lithium-ion recharger will give a full day’s power on three hours of charge. You can also power up with a quick thirty minute charge, to give you six more hours of use. Connectivity options include streamed audio, streamed phone calls for iPhone, and now any Android 10 or up operating system. ‘Hands free’ phone calls for Android phones require the ConnectClip accessory. The Oticon ON smartphone app also has a three-band streaming equaliser, giving you three bands of sounds you can adapt for your preferred listening with any streamed audio.

The Oticon More miniRITE-R includes a t-coil as a standard feature and is IP68-certified to be water and dust resistant. It is a discreet style of hearing aid with a double-push button for volume and program control and comes in eight colours.

This hearing device is appropriate for mild to severe hearing ranges and comes in three technology levels. The higher the level of technology the more options your Hearing Care Professional will have to adjust your hearing aids.

  1. More 1 (Premium Tier 1) The More 1 has 24 adjustment handles or fitting bands for your clinician to match your hearing loss prescriptive targets along with four configurations for noise management. It has 64 channels and Level 1 MoreSound Intelligence. It includes the best of the Sound Enhancer and Spatial Sound technologies in the Oticon More range. Wind Noise Management, Feedback Shield and Tinnitus SoundSupport technologies are also available in this hearing aid.
  2. More 2 (Advanced Tier 2) The More 2 has 20 fitting bands along with three configurations for noise management. It has 48 channels and Level 2 MoreSound Intelligence. Included in this technology level is the mid-range Sound Enhancer and Spatial Sound engineering. Wind Noise Management, Feedback Shield and Tinnitus SoundSupport technologies are also available in this hearing aid.
  3. More 3 (Basic Tier 3). The More 3 has 18 fitting bands with three configurations for noise management. It has 48 channels and Level 3 MoreSound Intelligence. Basic level Sound Enhancer with mid-range Spatial Sound technologies are included. Wind Noise Management, Feedback Shield and Tinnitus SoundSupport technologies are also available in this hearing aid.

Live Remote Care is available for Oticon More hearing devices. This telehealth feature allows your clinician to make adjustments to your hearing aids while you are in the comfort of your own home, office space or even while you’re travelling. The initial fit of this hearing device must take place in a hearing clinic, but further adjustments can be catered to via the Live Remote Care app.

The full experience and perspective of sound

The Oticon More hearing aid will give you a truer, more immersive sound experience, improving speech perception in all listening environments. Your brain will gain an improved access to the sounds and information that are most significant to you as you move seamlessly in all your soundscapes. Balanced and natural sound, enabled through the Deep Neural Network technology, takes the complexity of all surrounding sounds and makes them clear, giving you the full perspective of hearing you deserve.

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