Phonak Marvel

Premium Mild to Severe hearing loss

  • Seamlessly adjusts to your environment with Autosense OS 3.0
  • Direct streaming from both Android and iPhone devices
  • Available with rechargeable batteries
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There was a distinctive buzz around the release of the Audéo M (Marvel) in late in 2018 and it’s not surprising this hearing aid caused so much excitement. It is the closest hearing aid currently available that could be considered an all-in-one device. Phonak describe it as ‘love at first sound’ and this appears to be true according to user feedback. There are so many features with this hearing aid, including some unique ones not available in other hearing aids. Phonak feels the four most important features of the Marvel are the following:

  1. Clear, rich sound using AutoSense. This has been updated to AutoSense 3.0 in the Marvel to include streaming in three new programs – Stream Speech, Stream Music, Stream Phone. AutoSense adjusts the hearing aids automatically for you as it can detect the listening environments for you, whether in streaming or non-streaming listening modes.
  2. Connectivity – Phonak is the first manufacturing company to develop a hearing aid which directly streams to any Bluetooth enabled phone (iPhone, Android, old style mobile phones). It does this with Bluetooth Classic technology. Another special feature of this connectivity is that it is ‘hands free’, which means you can answer the phone through your hearing aid push button. It will stream to both your ears concurrently, while using the microphone on the hearing aid to pick up your voice and send to the person on the phone, without any loss in sound quality. This is great because it means you can answer your phone from another room, without having to physically pick it up. And if you’re driving you can be confident of answering calls ‘hands free’ in the car.
  3. Rechargeability – using lithium-ion rechargeable batteries, the Marvel will give you a full day’s use of charge if you’re not streaming (24 hours of use) and around 16 hours of battery life if you stream for up to 4 hours a day. Phonak have brought out a new mini-charger, which now has a lid and the added benefit of the hearing aid turning on automatically once you remove it from the charging case.
  4. Smartphone apps – there are three available with your Marvel hearing aid:
    1. myPhonak app allows for a live video call appointment with your Hearing Healthcare Professional (HHCP). They’ll be able to make live adjustments in real time for your hearing aid.
    2. My Hearing Diary app where you can rate your hearing experiences for your HHCP to see how you’re going with your current hearing aid settings.
    3. Phonak Remote app works like a remote control for your hearing aids. It lets you change volume, programs and control environmental balance when streaming audio. If you have a rechargeable model it will give you battery readout so you know how much charge you have left.

So the above four features are deemed the most important in the new Audéo M (Marvel) hearing aids. But there are some other features which make it pretty special as well, including:

  • Streaming all audio – this means podcasts, audiobook, music, YouTube videos, phone calls and the TV (if you have the TV connector device).
  • ‘Roger Ready’ – the Roger FM accessories are fantastic devices that Phonak have had for many years. Now with the new Marvel, the Roger receiver is already integrated into the hearing aid. This means you’ll be able to connect to any Roger accessory without having to change the battery door.
  • Telecoil – if you are after a hearing aid with this technology, a Telecoil model will be available in 2019.
  • Call to text – when someone calls you, the speaker’s voice will transcribe to text on your smartphone as you listen. That means you won’t miss any important details as you will be getting audio and visual cues for your phone calls.

Is this hearing aid for you?

The Audéo M (Marvel) hearing aids are for you if you want a hearing aid that’s got everything! From universal binaural connectivity, to superb, clear sound with AutoSense and rechargeable options, this Marvelous hearing aid could be the one you’ve been waiting for.

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