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The Siemens Signia Silk Primax is a truly innovative device and will completely change the way hearing aids are sold.

The Signia Silk uses a unique silicon sleeve, meaning it will fit instantly in almost any ear. This design means you no longer need to wait for a custom mould to be made, simply get the programmed device, put them in your ear and enjoy better hearing. This easy-fit design eliminates the need for an impression to be made and usually adjusted upon fitting, saving you both time and money in both adjustments and appointments. There are three different sleeve sizes which are suitable for a wide range of ear sizes and audiological requirements. Disposable in nature, the ease of use continues as the sleeves do not need to be maintained in terms of constant cleaning, but simply thrown away and replaced. Described as the ‘hearing aids for people who don’t want hearing aids’, due to their completely in canal (CIC) style, this design enables the hearing aid to sit comfortably in the ear, while maintaining invisibility, for optimal discretion.

One of the great technologies in the Signia Silk is the virtual directional microphone which means this invisible aid performs better in background noise then other similar devices, making optimal focus of what is directly in front of you. The Signia Silk has Siemens ‘e2e Wireless’ technology platform, which means it can connect to several different devices in an instant. A default feature is the vented sleeve it comes with, allowing aeration and a reduced risk of occlusion, your own voice echoing and becoming overly loud, which benefits all, especially children, due to the shape of a young child’s ear anatomy. Tinnitus therapy programs are included, to reduce the emotional impact of the constant condition, providing soothing sounds to distract the mind.

Accessories that can be connected seamlessly include separate Signia remote controls for accessibility, companion microphones for dealing with difficult distances, as well as charging stations, for convenience. The fact that this device is rechargeable means there is a reduced cost and wastage compared to disposable batteries, while simultaneously reducing landfill on the environment, for those who are environmentally conscious. Armed with LED indication lights, the Silk Primax can react to specific user conditions.

Additionally, the multi-function button can analyse the sound situation and decide what controls are required, reducing the amount of fiddling required, and is extremely beneficial to those with dexterity difficulties. This hearing aid features wireless connectivity, via the ‘easyTek’ device and ‘easyTek’ application, optimal for those who stream constantly via Bluetooth, as well as those who desire the ease of remote control changes in functionality to their hearing aids.

Connections to your television, music players, smartphones, laptops and to ‘VoiceLink’ can also be made, to ensure this use in a multitude of situations. Bluetooth and FM streaming occurs very quickly, reducing the amount of battery life zapped, to ensure you do not miss out on a beat. Wireless streaming is also used for those requiring CROS or BiCROS systems, essential for those with specific forms of hearing impairment, catering to the needs of all. Described by users as ‘very comfortable’, ‘wonderful’ and to credit for ‘hearing so much better’, there is no wonder why the Signia Silk Primax rate so well in terms of user satisfaction. Overall, the Signia Silk Primax enables you to benefit from greatly increased hearing ability, without the fuss of a bulky behind the ear (BTE) or a receiver in canal (RIC) device.

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