Unitron Discover

Premium Mild to Severe Hearing Loss

  • Available in 4 technology levels to suit all lifestyles and budgets.
  • Stream audio directly from both iPhone and Android.
  • Flex program allows you to upgrade the technology after purchase.
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Unitron Discover

Discover a new hearing journey with Unitron. From the first fit of your hearing aids, the new Discover technology will take you on a journey of hearing back to how you heard in your twenties. With hearing aids on the Discover platform, Unitron wants you to Fit. Love. Go. This means accepting your hearing aids from the first fit, love the sound of them and go out into the world to enjoy everything these hearing aids have to offer. Let’s look at each of the features of this new platform and how it works in the Moxi family of hearing aids.


Your Hearing Healthcare Provider has tools to help you adapt and optimise your listening experience with the Unitron Discover technology right from ‘first fit’. The Moxi Fit hearing aids are light to the touch and feel great in the ear, tailored to fit your needs. And you can opt to use the Flex:Trial and Flex:Upgrade system from your first fit.

If you elect to use the Flex:Trial system, you’ll make note of what environments were challenging for your hearing with the hearing aids. Meanwhile, your Flex:Trial hearing aids will be recording the listening situations you experienced. You can use the Remote Plus app and Log It All app to document how you felt about the hearing aids’ performance. If the Flex:Trial hearing aid technology didn’t match your needs you can simply upgrade your hearing aid to a higher technology, with the Flex:Upgrade system. Your Hearing Healthcare Provider will alter the software for your hearing aid, but you’ll retain the same hearing aid. Only Unitron offers this Flex system – all to help you find the right hearing aid for your needs.

Unitron state that your hearing aid should ‘look, feel and, most importantly, sound great right from the start’. Excelling in first fit impressions of your hearing aid is achieved through technology known as SoundCore. This advanced signal processing system will give you a natural listening experience as soon as your hearing aids are turned on. SoundCore, on the innovative Discover platform provides a ‘human-like listening experience’ by bringing together four technologies:

  1. SoundNav 3.0 – this is the where machine learning happens. When the hearing aid picks up sounds, it thinks like a human, classifies the sound into seven possible environments and merges this information – thousands of possible combinations – to build your own personal sound map. It dynamically reads and interprets the environment to select the best program for you. The seven different hearing situations are: Quiet, Conversation in quiet, Conversation in a small group, Conversation in a crowd, Conversation in noise, Noise and Music. You can see that SoundNav can identify music separately. It can also stream any media content with MediaNav, allowing users to stream audio from any device, directly to both hearing aids, with no intermediary device. MediaNav will classify the streamed sound as music or speech and select the correct processing, to ensure natural sounds, always.
  2. Sound Conductor – takes the environmental information from SoundCore and balances everything to give the wearer clear speech, reduced noise and brilliant sound quality. This means you will hear enhanced speech above background noise, reducing the distraction of ambient noise, making listening more comfortable – just like it was in your twenties.
  3. Spatial Awareness – helping with directionality is this four microphone paradigm. This separates and localises sounds, giving a more natural hearing experience. With this technology you will be able to identify where the sound source is coming from, whether it be speech or noise.
  4. SpeechPro – using location, focus and spatial cues, SpeechPro separates speech from noise to enable clear speech understanding in all listening environments. Whether you’re having a conversation with your loved ones at home, or with friends in a crowded bar, you’ll be able to determine the speech source and join in the conversation.

Everything about the Discover platform in the Moxi range of hearing aids shouts convenience. The technology in these hearing aids allows for hands-free phone calls for any smartphone, to both ears. The same goes for streaming media. You can opt for a Lithium-ion rechargeable battery in the Moxi Jump R hearing aid. This model will give you 16 hours of charge, with the added benefit of once you have removed the hearing aid from the charger, it’s on – no need to press a button to start your hearing aid. You can even rate your hearing aids, letting your Hearing Healthcare Provider know if you are doing well, or not so well, with your hearing aids, with the Remote Plus app.


Fit. Love. Go. Unitron’s Discover technology welcomes you to a whole new world of hearing. Mimicking the hearing of your youth and giving you natural sound in all environments with fantastic connectivity options, Unitron have produced hearing aids that will rival any other in the marketplace.

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