Size 312 Hearing Aid Batteries

Buy size 312 hearing aid batteries conveniently online at Australia’s best prices and delivered directly to your door. Size 312 hearing aid batteries last on average around 5 days depending on your daily hearing aids so never run out again with our online ordering platform. Hearing aid batteries come in 4 popular sizes, 312, 10, 13 and 675. Our size 312 hearing aid batteries are premium quality at bargain prices, all orders will be shipped either the same or next day completely free of charge.

Size 312 Hearing Aid Batteries FAQ

Do you offer Mercury Free 312 Hearing Aid Batteries?

Yes! Most hearing aid battery companies are slowly transitioning completely over to Mercury Free as it’s better for the environment, and in some places in the world, due to local legislation. The Power One 312 batteries are mercury free and are compatible with all hearing aids that take a 312 battery. All 312 hearing aid batteries need to comply with the IEC standard which demands that they need to work while the hearing aid is streaming continuously for 15 minutes. This draws a very high current from the battery and only the very best brands, which we stock at Hearing Choices, will function without the hearing aid shutting down.

 Why are Zinc Air the best 312 hearing aid batteries?

Hearing Aids are a medical device and many people depend on them day in and day out. Unlike other battery technologies, Zinc Air are ideal for hearing aids as they have a flat power curve, meaning they slowly drain and provide constant power until the battery dies. They don’t lose current as the battery dies, like other battery technologies, which means you hearing aids will function until you replace the battery with a fresh set.

How should i store my 312 Batteries when not in use?

You shouldn’t remove the tab from the hearing aid battery until it’s ready for use. Zinc Air batteries use air as a power source, and therefore the tab should stay on the hearing aid until you are ready to put them in the device. When you are not using the batteries they should be stored at room temperature, away from direct sunlight and in a place that is not humid. We do not advise to store your spare 312 hearing aid batteries in your Bathroom or Refrigerator as it may reduce their shelf life. The ideal temperature range for storing hearing aid batteries is 10c – 25c.

What hearing aids are the size 312 batteries compatible with?

Our 312 hearing aid batteries are compatible with any device that accepts the 312 size. Some popular hearing aids in this size are the Oticon OPN, the Phonak Audeo Direct and the Widex Beyond Fusion 2. If you’re unsure whether this hearing aid battery size is right for your hearing aid, please give us a call on 1300 848 335 and a hearing consultant will be able to assist.

What are the best hearing aid batteries and size?

Hearing Choices has partnered with Power One and Rayovac due to their reputation in the industry, their performance and based on customer feedback. All hearing aid batteries sold by Hearing Choices come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee as well as our industry leading 45 day return policy. The best hearing aid battery size is the one that is right for your device. There are 4 major hearing aid battery sizes which are colour coded for easy identification.

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