5 ways to stay in contact with your Hearing Healthcare Professional

Do you know how to contact your Hearing Clinic if you can’t visit in person, or you just have a question you need answered? Whether you’re in self-isolation, unable to make a person-to-person appointment due to health or work commitments, there are ways you can reach out to your Hearing Healthcare Professional to have your hearing needs met.

In these current times, not all hearing clinics will be functioning as normal, but most will still have options available for contact and appointments.

Resound Assist Live Remote Consultation Example


An obvious way to contact your Hearing Clinic is by phoning them. Find out their opening hours, if they are still taking face-to-face appointments or if you can leave your hearing aid for repairs if required. Perhaps you can get batteries, domes, wax guards or replacement receivers posted out.

 If your clinic isn’t answering calls, phone us here at Hearing Choices and we will find out for you if they are still operating.


Sending an email is another good way to reach out, particularly if you find phone conversation difficult. Email your questions and concerns to the clinic. If you have a particular problem related to your hearing needs that requires your Hearing Healthcare Professional to answer, it should be directed to the appropriate professional to get the answers you need.

Hearing clinic website

Most hearing clinics have excellent websites with a font of information. Basics like the Clinic reception phone number, email address and Clinic location should be easily located under Contact information. If your Clinic has changed operating hours or has appointment restrictions, this will usually be announced on the website front page. The website may also have information on troubleshooting problems with your hearing aid, how to arrange repairs, or how to contact your Audiologist or Audiometrist directly. Some websites even have ‘live chat’ options where you can ask questions by typing into a chat box and receive a quick answer.

Smartphone app

If you have a hearing device that is linked to a smartphone app, you will find there are ways to contact your Hearing Healthcare Professional through this portal. Depending on your brand and type of hearing aid, will depend on what you can access through the app. You could email your Audiologist or Audiometrist directly through the app, have ‘live chat’ discussions, send details about your hearing program personalisation or get your hearing aid updated through the app.

You may even be able to arrange a virtual appointment with them

Virtual appointments/Teleaudiology

Virtual appointments can be held through a number of smartphone apps and this is a great way to reach out to your Audiologist or Audiometrist if attending clinical appointments in person isn’t possible.

If you don’t have a hearing aid with this smartphone application, you could see if they are able to conduct teleaudiology appointments via Skype, Zoom, FaceTime or other online application.

It’s amazing what technology is available for us to all stay connected these days. If you’re not sure what your Hearing Clinic offers, give them a call or check out their website. Your Audiologist or Audiometrist will be able to support you in some way to ensure your hearing needs are met, until the time you can visit in person again.

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