A Look At the LiNX Quattro by ReSound

Although ReSound released the LiNX Quattro almost 12 months ago, it’s still one of the best hearing aids going around with brilliant reviews and user feedback. Later this year, a newer version will be launched, but let’s take a look at what makes this hearing aid so good, right now.

Sound quality – the marketing hype around this hearing aid states that "more layers of sound" are available with the LiNX Quattro and reports suggest that this claim has merit. These hearing aids provide more nuance to sound, giving a comfortable and natural hearing experience. This occurs through a number of technological features. Firstly, the chip speed in the Quattro is 100 percent faster, it has a 20 percent power reduction and twice the memory of its predecessor. It also has an increased dynamic range, and more high frequency sounds available for speech clarity. So with the speed of the chip and these improved features, the sound is processed cleanly with minimal distortion.

There is also a feature in the LiNX Quattro that reduces sudden loud noises preventing these unwanted sounds from reaching painful levels. This noise reduction works well as it keeps out uncomfortable sounds, but not at the risk of losing important speech information. The LiNX Quattro lets the wearer focus in on the speaker they’re listening to, without losing important information coming from other directions. This is a great function when the listening environment involves crowds and noisy areas. Speech clarity isn’t lost in these situations and listening effort is reduced. With two of these hearing aids, directionality is enhanced, even when listening in a 360-degree environment.

Bluetooth streaming - the LiNX Quattro, is a Made For iPhone (MFI) hearing aid, allowing the wearer to stream audio from iOS devices directly into their hearing aids. The Quattro hearing aids use sixth generation Bluetooth giving a rich, clear sound, no matter the audio source. One specific feature is that when streaming with the LiNX Quattro hearing aids, you’ll still be aware of environmental sounds – this is an important safety factor. The ratio between environmental sounds and streamed signal can be adjusted in the ReSound Smartphone App. The great thing about the Bluetooth protocol used in the LiNX Quattro is that there is almost no lag time in getting the streamed signal. When you get a phone call, you’ll hear it immediately in your hearing aids. Just a touch of a button to answer and the caller will be heard directly in your hearing aids.

One shortcoming of the LiNX Quattro hearing aids is that they can’t yet stream from Android devices without an intermediary device (except for phone calls).  However, there is good news with GN ReSound announcing upgraded LiNX Quattro models, able to stream to compatible Android devices, will be released late in 2019. This means that streaming from any smart device will be possible with the Quattro hearing aids.

Rechargeable – using the reliable and long lasting Lithium-ion rechargeable battery you can get up to 30 hours of power on a single charge from your LiNX Quattro – that’s when you’re not streaming. However, if you do stream your phone calls and from other audio sources (music, podcasts, TV), you’ll still get a long charge from these hearing aids – definitely enough for a whole day of power. You power up your hearing aids in a charging case (which itself is charged via a USB cable). The case holds three charges for each hearing aid, before you have to find an electrical outlet to recharge the case. At the end of each day, just take your hearing aids out and place them in the charging case. Green lights will appear to tell you that charging is happening. In the morning, just take your hearing aids out, put them on, and you’re set for all your listening environments for the day.

GN ReSound Smart 3D App - still regarded as one of the best hearing aid apps in the industry, this smartphone application has many features to use with your LiNX Quattro hearing aids. It is well designed, with options clearly labelled and easy to navigate. The Smart 3D App has a number of options, including a remote control for your hearing aids. It can adjust volume, and the sound quality of the hearing aid settings in areas such as bass, mid, and treble range. There is a ‘wind noise reduction’ feature and other fine-tuning adjustments you can do for the different environments you frequent. Along with the Smart App, there is also the Resound Assist App. You can contact your Hearing Healthcare Professional remotely and request changes to your hearing aid. They can then upload these changes without you having to go to the clinic for an appointment – life made easier!

Highlights to suit everyone

The LiNX Quattro hearing aid will give you your natural hearing back. The layering of sound, in all listening environments, with fast, clear streaming of all audio modes, makes this hearing aid a popular choice. There is much to love about the Quattro. With a new release due later this year, it’s exciting to think where ReSound will take the Quattro technology.

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