A Look At the Widex Evoke Fusion 2 by Widex

The Widex EVOKE hearing aid was introduced as the world’s first SMART hearing aid and, as the clever people at Widex continually work on the technology in this hearing aid, it just keeps getting smarter. As the first hearing device to employ Machine Learning, this hearing aid has been a huge success.

The most recent Widex EVOKE, the rechargeable EVOKE Fusion 2-Z, was released earlier in 2019. It comes complete with interactive options to keep improving your hearing experience. The SoundSense technology in this hearing aid will continually listen and learn from your environment. It makes adjustments as it evolves and classifies different sounds. The exciting thing about this hearing aid is that your listening experiences, along with other people who wear the EVOKE, are all stored and shared to continually improve everyone’s soundscape. But don’t worry, all the information collected remains protected – it’s an anonymous community collective for the betterment of all Widex EVOKE users.

The classification of sounds doesn’t just stop at the difference between speech, noise and music. No it goes beyond that. The EVOKE Fusion 2 knows when your environment is inside, outside, noisy or quiet. It will identify the differences in pop, heavy rock and classical music. Music will sound full and natural – you’ll hear all the notes and appreciate it as you should. The Fluid Sound Controller is in charge of making adjustments, no matter the environment. But you can teach your hearing aid what you want to hear via the EVOKE app on your smartphone. For every situation, SoundSense Learn (in the app) gives you two sound profiles – an A & B option. You listen, select the one you like best and repeat this until you get the settings exactly as you want them. Your adjustments allow this clever hearing aid to learn your preferences.  Once you’ve decided which setting provides the ideal sound in each environment – you can do this in as many environments as you want - it’s then locked in. Here’s the awesome part of the technology – your EVOKE Fusion 2 hearing aid won’t forget your preferences - ever.

You can decide to be in charge of how the hearing aid adapts, or you can let EVOKE Fusion 2, via the Universal program, make the adjustments for you. The adaption rate, to each change in listening environments, is so rapid you won’t be aware of the change, only knowing that you’ll be hearing optimally in all situations. The Widex EVOKE Fusion 2 is ‘made for iPhone’ and will directly stream calls to your hearing aids, hands free. With the updated silver-zinc rechargeable technology, the Fusion 2-Z hearing aid is reported as one of the longest lasting rechargeable batteries of its size. This gives the EVOKE Fusion 2-Z hearing aid the lowest power consumption of any rechargeable hearing aid, even when streaming. With 3-4 hours of charge time you can get up to 24 hours of power.

Zen Tinnitus program

Another really cool thing about Widex hearing aids is their acclaimed Zen Tinnitus program. If tinnitus is a problem for you, make sure your Audiologist or Audiometrist activates the Zen program in your EVOKE Fusion 2. These hearing aids are truly smart devices. Whether you need a tinnitus program or not, you can be truly Zen in any environment. As Machine Learning takes over in the Widex EVOKE Fusion 2, you’ll get the best possible hearing experience – so just relax and enjoy the sound.

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