Hansaton Hearing Aids – the new Excite Pro technology

Described as the perfect listening experience, the newest release from Hansaton promises hearing at the next level as it meets the challenge of hearing in loud environments head on. Hansaton hearing systems have updated their HearIntelligence technology in the Excite Pro platform and expanded this family of hearing devices with a new receiver-in-the-canal (RIC) model that is rechargeable.

Brilliant sound and speech clarity is available for wearers with all degrees of hearing loss in this exciting new product.

Hansaton Hearing Intelligence

Your audiologist has explained the results of your hearing test and your hearing is not what it was - so how can the Excite Pro help you? The answer is with the next level of hearing intelligence features. The Excite Pro platform's HearIntelligence innovative technology supports your natural hearing and individual needs by adapting to the background noise levels, no matter how challenging your soundscape. The new features include:

  • ConversationOptimizer XC Pro for improved 360° hearing in noisy situations, particularly in large gatherings.
  • ConversationBoost XC Pro will turn up the softer sounds of speech so you can hear them over the background noise.
  • SpeechBeam XC Natural focuses on the speaker, no matter how ‘busy’ the background environment.
  • AutoSurround XC takes all your acoustic environment and deals with it seamlessly to give natural sound in every situation.
  • Excite Pro to hear like a pro!

    Not only does Hansaton improve your hearing experience with the cutting edge technology of the Excite Pro platform, they also ensure you look good with their new RIC and BTE sleek designs that effortlessly fit the shape of your ear. There are eight colours to choose from - with two from the new DESIGN EDITION (Exciting Blue and Exciting Red), which are plasma coated to keep out dust and moisture.

    The Excite Pro comes in four models, all with top quality features to help you easily acclimatise, right from the first fit of your new device.

    The new RIC model – AQ sound XC Pro R – has a Lithium-ion rechargeable battery, and is the smallest rechargeable model in the Hansaton range. This hearing aid offers excellent connectivity with Bluetooth for use with any smartphone, tablet, PC or TV.

    It’s even compatible with Phonak’s Roger accessory, making this a very agile hearing aid. The other models in this product family include the RIC Sound XC Pro R (disposable hearing aid batteries) and the BTE rechargeable AQ Jam XC Pro.

    With the Hansaton Excite Pro platform, you’ll be able to enjoy all your communication environments – whether they be noisy and exciting or quiet, intimate conversations. These hearing aids will give you brilliant hearing and improved connections so you can enjoy a better quality of life.

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