How long should my batteries last?

That depends on a number of parameters – type of battery, size of battery, power of your hearing aid, how much you use your hearing aids and how much streaming you do. Here’s an overview of each type of hearing aid battery and how long they should last on average:

Disposable batteries

  • Size 10 (yellow) – 3 to 7 days - Buy Here
  • Size 312 (brown) – 3 to 10 days - Buy Here
  • Size 13 (orange) – 1 to 2 weeks - Buy Here
  • Size 675 (blue) – 1 to 3 weeks

Rechargeable batteries

The actual battery itself has a life span:

  • Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries last up to 4 years (generally the life of the hearing aid)
  • Z Power rechargeable batteries last 1 year and then can be replaced.

Rechargeable batteries will give you 16 – 30 hours of power with a full charge (length of charging time varies, but best to charge them overnight for full charge). For every three hours of streaming you do, you’ll get approximately two to three hours less of power. Some hearing aids come with a second, portable, charging case. With this on full charge, you can power up your hearing aids multiple times (three to seven, depending on the brand), without needing an electrical socket for charging.

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