LiNX Quattro Custom ITE by ReSound

October 2019 is an exciting time for GN ReSound – they will introduce their new In-the-Ear LiNX Quattro in Australia. These new hearing aids will not only be custom-made devices but have all the benefits of the very popular LiNX Quattro technology. And this will include a world first – a Completely-in-the-Canal (CIC) hearing aid with direct streaming!

Resound Quattro CIC


These custom devices will run off 2.4GHz Bluetooth protocol for direct connectivity – you’ll be able to stream phone calls, music and TV with these small devices. The hearing aids will stream directly from both Apple and Android compatible products. ReSound provides a list of what devices will connect to their LiNX Quattro technology. In particular, the Bluetooth streaming from iPhone to LiNX Quattro hearing aids has been rated highly in an independent study, when compared to other devices. President and CEO of GN Hearing, Jakob Gudbrand, encapsulates the excitement around these hearing aids: “These technological wonders in miniature are truly personalized and custom-crafted to fit each person’s hearing, yet with the brilliant sound and excellent streaming that people appreciate.”

4 Custom styles

The new LiNX Quattro range will include four different styles for of custom-made products. All will have the 2.4GHz Bluetooth protocol for direct connectivity. The four options available are as follows:

  • Completely-in-the-Canal (CIC)
  • In-the-Canal (ITC)
  • In-the-Ear (ITE)
  • Mic-in-Helix (MIH)
Resound CIC INvisible

These styles are designed to fit each person to exact specification through the use of a 3D scanner which takes measurements of your individual ear canal shape. The shell of the aids are available in five-different skin tones so they will blend in with your ear in a discreet manner. The devices are also designed to take up as little space as possible inside the ear, to ensure the hearing aid is unobtrusive and comfortable.

Beautiful sound quality
All the LiNX Quattro hearing aid styles provide beautiful sound quality, giving you your natural hearing back. The layering of sound, in all listening environments happens through fast and clean processing of sound, with minimal distortion. The LiNX Quattro lets the wearer focus in on the speaker they’re listening to, while still being aware of information coming from other directions. Speech clarity isn’t lost in crowds and noisy environments, and your overall listening effort is reduced. Reduction of sudden loud noises keeps out uncomfortable sounds, without losing important speech information. With two of these hearing aids, directionality is enhanced, even when listening in a 360-degree environment.

Smartphone Apps
All hearing aids in the LiNX Quattro range will have access to the GN ReSound Smart 3D phone app, which is considered one of the best hearing aid apps in the industry. This smartphone application has a number of options, including a remote control for your hearing aids. It can adjust volume, sound quality of your hearing aids and reduce wind noise. There’s also the Resound Assist App which allows you to contact your Hearing Healthcare Clinician remotely and request changes to your hearing aid.

Resound Smart App

The new LiNX Quattro custom devices from GN ReSound provide an outstanding portfolio of hearing aids. To be able to choose from a number of hearing device styles that give you not only excellent speech processing, but connectivity to both Apple and Android products is fantastic. Another big step forward in hearing device technology. 

Interested In the Linx Quattro CIC?

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