Moxi Blu – A freeing hearing experience

Unitron have released their next generation of hearing aids and in doing so have received a 2021 Red Dot award for product design of their rechargeable model. The new Moxi Blu Rechargeable excels in design - providing excellence in hearing connectivity, in a sleek and intuitive solution. It is the smallest lithium-ion rechargeable with direct connectivity.

So how does the Moxi Blu give you ‘hearing freedom’? Let’s take a look at the technology in this smart little hearing device.

Meet PRISMTM and Integra OS

Unitron notes that ‘amazing experiences come out of the blue’ so they’ve developed a hearing aid to cope with the unexpected hearing experiences - a hearing aid that adapts with you, as you travel through all the daily variable listening environments.

The innovative new chip: PRISMTM (Processing Real-Time Intelligent Sound Management), powers the Moxi Blu providing automatic sound optimisation for your listening experience.

PRISMTM is the platform for Integra OS - the signal processing system driving Moxi Blu devices, which allows the enhancement of your hearing in all soundscapes – regardless of how complex, or subtle, the sound cues.

AutoFocus 360 is the star of the five features that make up Intergra OS. It provides dynamic noise reduction to reduce background noise in complex listening environments with a binaural four-microphone configuration.

This network identifies and focuses on the speech signal. AutoFocus 360 automatically adjusts the level of amplification in each ear to maintain the speech cues - no matter how soft - from the direction of the speech signal.

This technology allows the other components of the Integra OS technology to recognise lower complexity listening situations and adjust the input accordingly.

Subtle nuances of speech will be heightened, while low-level environmental noise is kept in the background where it belongs.

Styles and features

There are three Receiver-in-Canal (RIC) styles to choose from: the Moxi Blu Rechargeable, the Moxi Blu Rechargeable plus Telecoil, and the Moxi Blu 312 (with disposable batteries).

The Moxi Blu employs Made-For-All technology for its connectivity, allowing you to easily connect with both Android and iOS devices. All your connectivity options can be controlled with a simple double-tap to the side of the hearing device - you can answer phone calls, access the virtual assistant, and control your streamed media.

This hearing aid allows you to simultaneously interact with two Bluetooth connected devices and, in total, pair up to eight compatible products (phone, tablet, TV connector accessory, etc.).

With Moxi Blu, you’ll still get the fantastic Unitron Remote Plus app to provide you with ‘in-the-moment’ personalisation of your hearing, particularly when you need an extra boost in challenging soundscapes.

Music lovers are catered for with a specific music program where you can adjust bass, mid and treble sounds for your own listening enjoyment. Finally, you can also connect with your clinician via the telehealth facility if you need your hearing aids adjusted remotely.

The Moxi Blu range comes in four technology levels, with the Premium tier giving you all the features of Integra OS.

So, go on, experience life to the fullest and free up your hearing to adapt and move with you – in any listening environment you find yourself in.

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