Phonak: Virto Marvel Black Announced

Phonak have announced a hearing aid that looks just like an earbud. Hearables are all the rage, but the Virto (Marvel) Black takes them to a whole new level.

These are premium hearing aids that are aimed to “help eliminate the stigma of wearing hearing aids” according to Ditley Friis from Phonak. 

Black and stylish, looking just like a pair of sports earbuds, these devices will provide the clear, rich sound you’d expect from the Marvel technology.

Unlike other earbuds, these devices are customised to your ear.

To get a pair, you’ll need an impression taken of your ear canal. And this is one of the reasons these hearing aids do so well. They are created for your ear shape only. They are not ‘one size fits all’. Your Virto Black will be assembled by hand and then adjusted to suit your personal hearing levels with Phonak’s Biometric Calibration.

Making the leap into being a cool earbud, the Virto Black includes five wireless protocols to ensure seamless streaming. Bluetooth Classic means connectivity to all smartphones for binaural hands-free phone calls.

 You’ll also get Bluetooth Low-energy (for less power drain), Binaural VoiceStream, Airstream and 2.4GHz Roger streaming – yes the Virto Black is compatible for Roger remote microphones.

All this means, if you have these earbuds you’ll be able to stream audio from pretty much any Bluetooth device, whether it be Apple or Android. And you can fine tune your Virto Black earbuds through the smartphone app.

The Virto Black will give you excellent sound processing, balanced sound and a comfortable fit in your ear. Utilising the Marvel technology, these hearing aids will smoothly adapt to the environment you’re in – no matter how complex the sound information.

You can opt to adjust the sound manually or allow the Virto Black to manage your hearing automatically. The smartphone app lets you to change settings on your earbuds individually or binaurally. It allows you to create presets for environments you visit regularly so your Virto Blacks will ‘remember’ where you’ve been and how you liked to hear in that situation.

The Phonak Virto Black earbuds aren’t available in Australia yet, but we can expect the release of these exciting devices later in 2020.

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