Starkey Livio Edge AI – Rechargeable In The Canal Hearing Aid

Las Vegas is the seat of excitement in the US and it was a great stage for Starkey to showcase the features of their latest edition – the Livio Edge AI ITC ("in the canal") hearing aid, with lithium-ion rechargeable capability.

 This ‘hearable’ device uses 2.4 GHz Bluetooth wireless connectivity, integrated artificial intelligence with voice activated commands, and ‘Edge Mode’ giving you lots of features to get excited about.

Yes, it’s an In-the-Canal hearing device, but it also includes the same integrated biosensors found in the Livio AI RIC hearing aid.

This means all the health tracking components found in the RIC Livio AI are available in a custom made form. You’ll be able to initiate the Brain and Body scoring to track your movement, your social engagement and how long you’re using your hearing aids for active listening – essentially how long your brain is being engaged in this cognitive function.

The Livio Edge AI ITC also includes the fantastic fall detection, real-time language translation and voice to text transcription features. So there’s a lot packed into this small device – but there’s more.

Starkey have worked hard on the new Edge platform. Now, in the Livio Edge AI hearing aids you’ll be able to activate an ‘Edge Mode’ which allows the user to get a boost during complex listening environments, by giving a simple double tap on the hearing aid. So if you find yourself in a particularly challenging sound situation, activing the Edge Mode will give you an improved crisper sound, via a power burst.

The new platform is both Apple and Android compatible for connectivity. You’ll also have access to voice activated commands via your phone and get in-ear and on-screen reminders for appointments and tasks.

The rechargeable facility means a full charge (taking 3.5 hours) will get you 23 hours of power, with four hours of streaming.

There’s also been an overhaul and update of the Starkey smartphone apps with the new Livio Edge AI devices. The well-known Thrive App has streamlined the user interface, making it more intuitive and easier to utilise all the functions for your Brain and Body scoring.

The Thrive Care App is great for caregivers and loved ones. Via remote connection, monitoring of health activities that are measured by the Livio Edge AI devices are available to carers, helping older hearing aid users maintain independence, while giving loved ones peace of mind that everything is okay.

This fall detection feature is supported by the Balance Builder App that assists with the improvement of balance through a variety of exercises. The Balance Builder will track body position and give feedback to the user to help increase stability of movement.

So there you have it – a custom ITC with direct audio and phone streaming, lithium-ion rechargeability, biosensors for health tracking, voice activated integration, smartphone apps for individual control and remote monitoring, and a ‘boost mode’ for complex situations.

The new Starkey Livio Edge AI really has an edge as the newest hearable on the market and it’ll be coming to Australia this year.

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