Starkey Livio Thrive App Updates Now Available

Starkey’s Livio AI was introduced in 2019 and then upgraded with the Livio Edge AI late 2020 with some really special features.

Recently Starkey has transformed a number of elements in the Thrive smartphone app that works alongside the Livio hearing aids.

Some features have been re-named and there’s been a big change in the telehealth function, with synchronous programming now available.

What’s changed?

The Livio AI series of hearing aids were the first to introduce health tracking in a hearing aid. Previously known as the ‘Brain and Body’ score on the Thrive smartphone app, this is a fantastic way for the user to find out how much your body is moving and how much your brain is engaged in communication activities. In the new Thrive upgrade, this is call the ‘Wellness Score’.

You will get an Activity Score (previously Body) and Engagement Score (previously Brain). The Activity Score tracks your steps, how much exercise you do and how many minutes per hour you are standing.

The Engagement Score tracks how much use you are getting out of your hearing device, how much time you’re engaged in conversational speech and how many different environments you challenged your listening in.

What’s new?

The Thrive App has been updated to include TeleHear Live Sessions. This new programming feature allows for remote synchronous appointments with your clinician via video chat. Your hearing aids can be altered remotely during these sessions. You can also get counselling and support for all your hearing health needs via this application.

These live, real time sessions, mean you can have your hearing devices adjusted from the comfort of your home. This is particularly useful for the challenges that the pandemic is providing us with – you can remain safe and socially distanced in your home. Remote programming with this app is available for all Livio hearing aids, including Livio Edge AI, Livio AI and Livio.

All you need to initiate these Live Sessions is to have your Livio hearing aids, the updated Thrive Hearing Control app and internet access. Your clinician will take you through all the required steps to get you started with your Live Sessions.

What’s unique?

Starkey’s Livio Edge AI had some remarkable features that are worth considering, and many not found in other devices. The ‘gateway to better health and wellness’ with these hearing aids starts with the Wellness Score and also includes a Fall Alert and Self-Check of your hearing levels.

You get the Edge Mode for adaptive tuning whenever you want or need it in challenging listening environments. Mask Mode is standard with a custom memory that assists hearing when people are wearing face masks. There is the Music Memory feature, which is a dedicated, prescribed music function for full enjoyment of the sound.

You can set up Reminders in the Thrive app so you will get a notification in your ears to take your medications, or drink water, or complete your personal tasks, or whatever you need daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly reminders for.

You can also access the Find My Phone application, use the Translate and Transcribe functions, or access the Tinnitus program if required. There’s also the Thrive Care App that can be set up for a loved one so they can stay informed about your health. This gives you independence and your loved ones peace of mind as they can monitor your Wellness Score or be alerted if you have a fall.

Starkey’s new Live Sessions for hearing care anywhere have given the Livio hearing aids a much needed boost. There are so many amazing features available in these hearing aids, particularly the Livio Edge AI. And now with live video appointments available with your clinician, you can get exceptional support, from the security of your own home.

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