Step out in style with the Styletto

There’s been a number of form changes to hearing aids over the years, from the ear trumpet, to the body aid, behind the ear and in the ear devices.

We now have invisible aids and earbud hearing aids – and all have a role to play in assisting people improve their hearing. Signia looked at the changing form of hearing aids in a different way and developed a ‘jewellery-inspired’ model – the Styletto. 

Not only is it chic and stunning in design, it also makes use of much of the Signia advanced technology. Signia have now updated the technology to include Bluetooth and have introduced the Styletto Connect model.

Style with technology

The Styletto’s shape was developed with the slimness of modern smartphone in mind. The first challenge was how to power a slim-form hearing aid. A rechargeable lithium-ion pin rod battery was developed to get the form factor right. The Styletto will give you 19 hours of power after a 3-hour charge. There are also an extra three additional charges in the charging case, without needing a power outlet. This makes the Styletto a great device for travel.

Signia call the Styletto ‘high-tech HEARWEAR’ and it comes in three stunning colour combinations: Snow white and rose gold; Cosmic blue and rose gold; Dark granite and silver. The colours and slim form-factor create the jewel-like appearance of these devices.

To maintain its sleek appearance there are no onboard controls so to change volume and connect to Bluetooth, you’ll use the new smartphone app: Signa. This app combines three previous apps in one. In a single space you can now adjust the volume and sound of the Styletto, including changing direction of your microphones. You can also connect and stream to the phone and other media. Now, live remote tuning and telecare appointments with your Audiologist or Audiometrist are possible all within the one application. This change in the app has brought all Signia products in line with many other brands, ensuring their connectivity is first class.

OVP (Own Voice Processing) is a highlight feature of the Signia family of hearing aids – and this includes the Styletto. OVP means your own voice is processed separately to other sounds in your environment, so it sounds more natural, right from the first time you wear it.

Who is it for?

The Styletto Connect is for people with mild to moderate hearing loss who are after style, Bluetooth connectivity (only for iPhones at this stage) and a rechargeable hearing device. This along with the ease of use, great remote connectivity to your Audiologist and OVP makes the Styletto an attractive device – both inside and out.

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