The New Signia Xperience Hearing Aid Platform

Signia’s Pure range of hearing aids have been boosted with the new Xperience chip. This exciting development for Signia hearing aids means seamless hearing in every situation with the new acoustic-motion sensors. The sensors use Dynamic Soundscape Processing technology to give you natural sounding speech and sound as you move through all the different sound situations in your world. The capabilities of this new technology is even more exciting as it improves on the previous Signia technology with seven time more memory, while being 60% smaller. His means the Pure hearing aids using the Xperience chip are smaller but more powerful.

Hearing in Motion

Signia Xperience introduces the world’s first hearing devices with acoustic-motion sensors on-board. This technology allows you to move between different listening environments and your hearing aids will instantly correct for background noise, directionality of sound and what sounds you want to focus on. This is how we naturally hear. When you walk into a crowded room, there’s a lot of noise. You see your friends on the other side of the room and you move towards them. As you get closer their conversation becomes clearer, until eventually you can hear the speech and join in with the conversation. This all happens in a seamless manner when your hearing is at its best. 

It can now happen if your hearing levels have been compromised and you need to boost them. The Signia Xperience hearing aids will do this for you as they are designed to make intuitive decisions on not only the speech patterns in the room but how you’re moving. Xperience picks up your direction and hones in on the voices to where you’re heading.

This experience works in all situations, whether you’re indoors or outside. You’ll pick up speech, with all its nuances, over the background noise. The other noise doesn’t disappear, it stays in the background – where it should be, until you want or need to focus on it. So whether you are walking, running, dancing, or standing still you’ll be able to understand the conversation you want to. The Signia Xperience embedded machine learning understands your hearing needs.

Signia App

Signia have also updated their smartphone app, presenting an all-in-one application.  In the app you’ll find a remote control, audio streaming adjustments and remote support from your Hearing Healthcare Professional (HHP).

The app has Spatial Configuration, allowing you to focus your hearing aid microphone in four directions: front, back, left and right. This is very helpful in many situations, particularly while travelling a car. You can also adjust the volume, change hearing programs, alter the balance of sound, and monitor your connectivity and battery power. Within the app you can also manage your audio streaming accessories and give daily satisfaction ratings of your hearing aid for your HHP to monitor. If you want to have a ‘virtual appointment’ with your HHP you can video chat with them and discuss your hearing aids’ performance and any adjustments required. You can also text or call them through the app.

OVP still important

The Signia Pure Xperience still has the amazing OVP (Own Voice Processing) technology. This has been a feature of Signia hearing aids for a while now and is unsurpassed in gaining quick acceptance of hearing aids. OVP works by identifying your voice from other noise sources. Your own voice is then processed separately and instantly from other speech – giving you your natural-sounding voice.

Pure Xperience

Signia’s Pure hearing aids have been revolutionised by the Xperience chip and there are two models available in three technology levels:

Pure 312 X

This very small RIC (receiver-in-the-canal) hearing aid has been ergonomically designed to fit comfortably behind your ear. The hearing aid has been made smaller with a narrower outline, making it a discreet device. It has excellent streaming capabilities with the Bluetooth 2.4 GHz protocol. You can control the Pure 312 X connectivity options with the new Signia app.

Pure Charge&Go X

All the features of Signia’s Pure X with the ease and sustainability of Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries.

Xperience it all

With the new Signia Xperience, you’ll be getting all the outstanding features of the Pure hearing aids – crisp, full sounding speech, natural own voice qualities, great Bluetooth streaming and rechargeable hearing aids. You’ll also now experience more high frequency sounds, an all-in-one app and seamless hearing in every situation. As you move, your hearing aids will sense and Xperience the sounds around you, with you.

Interested In the Signia Xperience?

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