Time to Activate with Signia’s new Earbuds

Built on the Xperience platform, these amazing earbuds will enhance the performance of hearing for people with levels in the mild to moderate range.

The Signia Active X earbuds are even being worn by individuals with normal hearing levels to boost speech understanding in noisy environments. With Signia’s instant fit protocol, you can contact your Hearing Health Clinician for an appointment today and be wearing your new Active X earbuds immediately.

Silencing the stigma

Let’s face it, even those of us with normal hearing have trouble hearing in some situations. Research shows that between twelve to twenty percent of adults with normal hearing report this issue. The design of the Signia Active X earbud makes it an attractive option for those in this category, and for those with some hearing loss, taking away the stigma of wearing hearing aids. These easy to handle devices can be popped in an out, as required, or worn all day. The technology in the Signia earbuds allows for automatic detection of any change in the soundscape. The sound sensors will adapt as you move in different environments, even in areas where there’s a lot of background noise, to take the effort out of listening. Great hearing and great looking devices – it’s worth investigating just what features these small devices offer.

Performance features


Like most contemporary hearing aids, Bluetooth streaming is a core feature and is found in the Signia Active X earbuds. It is a ‘must have’ for those who want hands free phone calls, and easy connectivity for music and other audio.

Portable rechargeability
means no fiddly batteries, but a beautifully designed Signia Active Charger – a portable pocket-sized charging case, so you can power up these devices on the go. You’ll get up to twenty-six hours of power with each charge and the case holds three extra charges, before having to plug it into an outlet.

Imagine having your hearing tested, then your tailored hearing prescription set in your devices and your earbuds are ready to go! Signia’s Instant Fit protocol gives you this opportunity. For the earbud to sit comfortably in your ear, your Audiologist or Audiometrist will find the correct ‘ClickSleeve’ size, and you’ll be on your way with your earbuds and activated hearing.

The AI Digital Assistant is another standout feature of these earbuds. Using the Signia smartphone app allows you to personalise your sound even more and have access to your clinician with TeleCare remote tuning and support. You can control your earbuds through the app, use the tinnitus support feature and access the Face Mask Mode. The artificial intelligence (AI) of Signia Assistant in the app will keep track of your preferences in different situations to be continually up-dating and personalising your hearing world.

These iconic earbuds are now available for you and come in two technology models:

  • Signia Active: created for those who only need a device to boost their hearing in complex, more noisier environments.
  • Signia Active Pro: with technology means for mild to moderate hearing levels, enabling enhanced natural hearing and effortless speech for natural hearing, no matter the situation.

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