Unitron Launches The Discover Range Of Hearing Aids

There’s a whole lot of exciting features that have been upgraded in the Moxi family with the Discover technology, allowing wearers to not only gain more natural-sounding hearing, but for this to happen at their ‘first fit’. Machine learning in the Unitron hearing aids is assisting in this process. The Discover technology classifies sound to mimic the hearing of a person in their twenties. It does this by automatically adjusting to different situations and categorising the environments into seven different hearing situations: Quiet, Conversation in quiet, Conversation in a small group, Conversation in a crowd, Conversation in noise, Noise and Music. The Discover platform builds on the technology SoundCore, which has been a part of the Moxi hearing aids for a while.

Great Sound At First Fit

Accepting your hearing aids from the first fit is not as easy as it sounds. If you’ve had a hearing loss for a while and have been hearing at a reduced level, you will have adapted to these decreased levels. This means that when you do optimise your hearing with hearing aids, it will take a while for your auditory system and brain to acclimatise to the new levels. Unitron, with the release of their new Discover platform in the Moxi Fit and Moxi Jump R hearing aids, are addressing this issue.

Soundcore For Optimal Hearing

SoundCore is made up of four components that work together to give optimal hearing: SoundNav 3.0, Sound Conductor, Spatial Awareness, and SpeechPro. The newer SoundNav 3.0 is trained to think like a human and combine the information from the seven possible environments to build your own personal sound map. It dynamically reads the environment and combines the information to choose the best program for you. SoundNav now includes MediaNav allowing users to stream audio from any device, directly to their hearing aids, with no intermediary device.

The second component – Sound Conductor – takes the environmental information from SoundCore and balances everything to give the wearer clear speech, reduced noise and wonderful sound quality. Then Spatial Awareness comes into play with a four microphone paradigm. This separates and localises sounds, giving a more natural hearing experience. Finally, SpeechPro, using location, focus and spatial cues, separates speech from noise to enable clear speech understanding in noise.

Hands Free – “Made For All” Streaming

This upgraded technology, in the new Discover platform, is also enhanced by some other new features Unitron have introduced in the Moxi hearing aids. These hearing aids are also truly ‘hands free’ for phone calls from any smartphone – Apple or Android. You can answer phone calls by just pressing a button on your hearing aid, and end the call by pressing the button again. You don’t need to touch your phone at all.

Rechargeable Batteries

And Unitron have now moved to the more reliable Lithium-ion rechargeable battery in the Moxi Jump R hearing aid. With this system you will get 16 hours of charge, with the added benefit of once you have removed the hearing aid from the charger, it’s on – no need to press a button to start your hearing aid.

Unitron Flex Trials

The other outstanding feature of the Untiron brand, and it’s unique to Unitron, is the Flex:Trial and Flex:Upgrade system. Here you can trial a lower technology and then if your listening environments change, and you become a more active listener in more challenging environments, you can simply upgrade your hearing aid to a higher technology (and pay the cost difference). Your Hearing Healthcare Provider will upgrade the software, but you retain the same hearing aid.

Unitron’s latest technology allows wearers to Discover a whole new world of hearing, that will give natural hearing and excellent connectivity in a flexible fitting environment. Unitron believe you will love the experience of not only your improved hearing, but the entire fitting experience, from first fit to upgrade to confident hearing aid user. 

Please get in touch with us if you are interested in trialling these devices or are looking for more information.