Value for money in your hearing aids

Value for money in your hearing aids

When choosing the right hearing aid, you need to consider how much you want to spend. You also want to get value for your money. Your hearing needs and your budget will dictate the choices you make and if you’re a first time hearing aid user you might be a little unsure of your requirements.

Hearing aid manufacturers will have a number of technology levels in each of their hearing aids. The technology level, as well as the style of the hearing aid, can affect the cost of the device. When introducing the latest hearing aids, each manufacturer will generally have at least three technology tiers. The highest level of technology (Premium tier) comes with the higher price tag, as this level will include all the new features and improvements in the hearing aid technology. These hearing aids may not only be unaffordable for some, but also unnecessary.

 A mid-range technology pair of hearing aids can present exceptional value for money, with some awesome technology available for the user. If you have complex hearing needs and need the best speech processing and noise suppression technology, the premium level hearing aids offer you the best device. However you can still gain outstanding technology with some of the premium features in a mid-range tier hearing aid.

Advanced value for mid-range technology

Let’s have a look at some of the latest releases from the major hearing aid brands and what they offer in their mid-range hearing aid models.

You can expect to pay around $3,500 - $5,000 for a pair of hearing aids in this technology range depening on the clinic and how much aftercare is included. You may also be eligible for further subsidies and reduced prices if you are eligible under the HSP program

All of these devices come with standard features such as Bluetooth connectivity, rechargeable battery options and remote support to your clinician.

Phonak P50

An automatic hearing device for good performance in most environments, with seamless transference between different soundscapes. The technology includes an integrated accelerometer for improved spatial awareness, hearing focus, and more natural hearing. With classic Bluetooth connection, you can pair up to eight devices for audio streaming and hands free phone calls. The myPhonak app gives you autonomy with program, scenario and advanced personalisation features. Rechargeable battery and Telecoil options are available in this technology level.

Widex Moment 220

This hearing aid comes equipped with machine learning and technology that eliminates the processing delay of speech, giving you improved hearing performance in the majority of listening environments. Along with clear sound, you can also expect excellent music quality. Bluetooth connectivity and access to the Widex Moment smartphone app gives you control over your preferred listening parameters. The rechargeable RIC hearing aid model is the smallest on the market. Remote Care allows your clinician to adjust your hearing aids remotely and in real-time.

Oticon More 3

Using the DNN (Deep Neural Network) this hearing aid has been taught to identify over 12 million sounds. For this level of technology you’ll get a natural hearing experience, feedback elimination and a clarity of speech signal in complex soundscapes. The More 3 is a rechargeable device with Bluetooth capability for iPhones and Android 10 or up operating systems. Tinnitus SoundSupport and Live Remote Care can also be accessed with this level of hearing device technology.

Starkey Livio AI i1600

 The Livio AI range of hearing aids have some remarkable features in this technology tier. You’ll get the ‘healthable’ technology these devices are famous for, including the Brain and Body Tracking, transcribing features, and hearing aid Self Check. You’ll experience very good speech optimisation, with standard music and noise reduction features and access to tele-audiology technology for remote connection to your clinician.

Signia 3Nx

The unique OVP (Own Voice Processing) of Signia hearing aids comes in all models. You’ll experience good sound and speech quality and have access to the 3D classifier technology at a mid-range level. Direct streaming of Apple devices is available and for Android phones with an accessory. You also access to the Remote Control apps and TeleCare support.

ReSound One 5

You’ll experience organic hearing with the One technology and be able to set four listening programs in your device. This level of technology includes the ReSound One standard inclusions of Sound Shaper, Synchronised Acceptance Manager, Synchronised SoftSwitching, Tinnitus Sound Generator and connectivity to the ReSound 3D app. You can also choose hearing aid models that are rechargeable or have a t-coil.

Unitron Blu 5

This is a direct to smartphone hearing device for both Apple and Android phones It provides intermediate technology levels for sound processing and listening in complex environments. The Spatial Awareness feature means sounds are localised better with the four microphone array of this device. The Remote Plus app provides personalisation features and tinnitus support. The Unitron Flex fitting protocol also means you can upgrade your technology level if required.

Hansaton Excite 5

Available in both rechargeable and disposable battery models, with hands free streaming capabilities from any smartphone. Technology for good sound localisation and conversation in a variety of listening environments is included in this hearing aid technology level. The stream remote App gives you control over your hearing aid for sound optimisation.

The technology in mid-range hearing aids can give you what your after – quality features for good hearing in many listening situations. And most importantly, you’ll get good value for money for your improved communication.

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