We have a look at the Oticon More Hearing Aid

Taking its BrainHearing technology to the next level, the latest release from Oticon gives you More.

Hearing is optimised when the brain has full access to all the soundscape if the sounds you want to hear are balanced and able to be focused on. Using this information, Oticon has powered the More hearing aid with the new processing platform Polaris and employs Deep Neural Network technology.

This allows deeper, more natural engagement in conversations with a fifteen percent increase in speech understanding, when compared to Oticon’s preceding technology.

The Oticon More will give your brain the full perception of sound and hearing, which is taking the previous OPN and OPN S hearing aids to the next level of immersive sound environments.

Deep learning is a type of machine learning that uses technology inspired by the brain structures, mimicking the neural network. The Deep Neural Network (DNN) of Oticon More has many hidden layers that can access speech and other sounds, identifying all their individual characteristics.

The technology has been ‘trained’ to identify and learn over twelve million sounds. This training will give you improved hearing ability with all sounds, in any situation. It’s an exciting advancement for hearing aid users.

The miniRITE-R features

The first offering for the Oticon More range is the miniRITE-R – a rechargeable, Bluetooth enabled hearing device that includes a Telecoil.


This hearing aid will suit wearers with mild to severe hearing ranges and comes in three technology levels: More 1 (Premium Tier 1), More 2 (Advanced Tier 2) and More 3 (Basic Tier 3).

The higher the level of technology the more options your Hearing Care Professional will have to adjust your hearing aids. For example, the Premium Tier 1 has 24 ‘adjustment handles’ for your clinician to match your hearing loss prescriptive targets. This is the most of any type of hearing aid currently on the market.

Live Remote Care is available for Oticon More hearing devices. This telehealth feature allows your clinician to make adjustments to your hearing aids while you are in the comfort of your own home, office space or even while you’re travelling.

The Oticon ON smartphone app also has a three-band streaming equaliser, giving you three bands of sounds you can adapt for your preferred listening with any streamed audio. And now, the Oticon More is not only made for iPhone, but also any Android 10 or up operating system. However for true ‘hands free’ phone calls with the Oticon More, you will still need to use the ConnectClip accessory.

Music is also said to be enhanced with the Oticon More hearing aids by keeping the bass sounds from music in the ear canal for your eardrum to pick up, (generally with most hearing aids, these sounds escape without being heard). Oticon have introduced a new miniFit OpenBass dome which is stated to have improved acoustics for low and mid-frequency sounds, giving bass sounds more opportunity to remain in the ear canal and be detected. This allows for a truer, more immersive music sound.

The Oticon More hearing aid will give you improved speech perception in all listening environments. It aims to give you back your hearing, with your brain having improved access to the sounds and information that are most significant to you. Oticon More will give you comfortable communication as you move seamlessly in all your soundscapes.

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