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Some of the most common questions we get asked are: 

1.  How much do hearing aids cost and how to get the best value for money for the latest technology.

2. Where is the closest clinic to arrange a free hearing test and evaluation.

3. What options are there for discreet hearing aids that no one else can see. 

4. I've been quoted $XX amount for a hearing aid, can you help me get a better price.

5. How do i know if the hearing aid is going to help me.

6. What is the best hearing aid on the market.

On the free call we can provide information on the latest hearing care technology and make a plan with more information about your lifestyle, hearing loss and budget. We will also send through a copy of our free hearing aid buyers guide which has recently been updated to include the best hearing aids for 2020.


Thanks to the very latest hearing aid technology you can now have hearing aids delivered to your home and programmed and adjusted by an Audiologist.

Prices for these devices are extremely competitive and start from $1800 for a pair of Bluetooth and rechargeable hearing aids from the worlds leading hearing aid manufacturer.

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