Audika Hearing Clinics Review

Audika is a chain of hearing clinics which is owned by Oticon Australia Pty Ltd which makes it a vertically integrated hearing aid chain similar to the chain Connect Hearing which is owned by Sonova.

Vertically integrated means that the retail chain is owned by a hearing aid manufacturer (in this case Oticon) which makes it more likely than not that Oticon hearing aids will be offered to their clients as first choice.

On their website they only list Oticon and Sonic hearing aids which are both brands owned by Demant.

They may however offer other hearing aid brands if requested or where necessary.

As of August 2019, Audika boasts that they have 400 clinics located right around Australia however it is not clear how many of these are permanent full time clinics and how many are visiting or part time clinics.

A visiting or part time clinic are not full time and chains often list them on their website to boost the numbers despite only visiting those locations once or twice a month.

Oticon are a great hearing aid brand with a number of different technology levels available, you can read more about the latest Oticon hearing aids on our website here.

Like other major chains around Australia, they offer a free hearing check to adults over 26 and supply hearing aids under the Australian Government Hearing Services Program.

Audika is a new brand for a chain of clinics which were formally known as Audioclinic, HearingLife, Western Hearing Services and Adelaide Digital Hearing Solutions.

In September 2018 the ACCC took action against  Oticon Australia Pty Ltd and Sonic Innovations Pty Ltd alleging that both businesses made false and misleading representations to pensioners in advertisements for hearing aids supplied under the Australian Government Hearing Services Program. In November 2018 they were fined $2.5 million for mislead pensioners through a number of newspaper ads posted by Audioclinic and Hearing Life.

Audika does not list any pricing on their website for hearing aids but a number of reviews on state that clients were offered hearing aids from $10,000 – $12,000. Audioclinic currently only has a 2.7 out of 5 rating.  (originals)

Audika also offers an online hearing test on their website for clients to test their hearing before making an appointment.

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