Do you need a hearing aid?

If your nearest and dearest have noticed you’re having problems with your hearing, it might be time to get a hearing test. Really think about this and be honest with yourself.

Are you having difficulties in certain situations but just don’t want to admit it? If at the end of the day you’re tired from straining to hear, or conversations are just too hard so you’re avoiding them, or everyone is saying you’re not hearing properly, it’s time to get your hearing assessed.

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Have your hearing levels dropped?

Only a proper hearing test, performed by a trained Hearing Healthcare Professional (Audiologist or Audiometrist) will be able to give you a realistic view of your hearing levels.

A hearing test involves a number of steps and assessment procedures to find out your threshold of hearing (the softest sounds you can hear).

The results gained from your hearing test will be plotted on an audiogram and compared to normative values. Hearing is measured in decibel (dB) levels across the main frequencies (Hz) we use to hear speech. If your hearing falls outside the normal range (0dB – 20dB), your hearing levels are said to have dropped.

hearing levels dropped

Will a hearing aid optimise my hearing levels?

Depending on how far below 20dB and at what frequencies your hearing has been affected, will determine if a hearing aid will be of use to you. Talk to the person who carried out the test – they will be able to explain how far your hearing levels have dropped and if a hearing aid will optimise your hearing.

First and foremost, a hearing aid is an amplification device. If your hearing has deteriorated usually some form of amplification will help. But not all hearing aids are the same.

There are many different types and styles but it’s important to know that if you decide to trial a hearing aid, it will be prescribed to your personal hearing levels. If your hearing levels have dropped, even to what is called a mild level, there’s probably a hearing device that will assist you to optimise your hearing and communication.

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