Discover what’s ‘Next’ from Unitron

Moving on from their ‘Discover’ hearing aids, Unitron have recently released the Discover Next platform for a new generation hearing aids.

The Next chip allows hearing aids to move “beyond words to capture the deeper meaning in conversations”. Unitron strives to unearth the real meaning and emotion in the speech while you’re hearing with Discover Next.

Their endeavours are backed up by research.

What we hear (audio signal) comes before comprehension (this happens in the brain).

 However, studies have shown that even with hearing aids, people were not performing well on interpreting emotion in the speech signal.

The good news is that a recent study, using the Emotional Communication in Hearing Questionnaire, showed that participants who wore Unitron hearing aids identified perceiving emotions better than those wearing other devices. Unitron puts this down to the elements from the SoundCore technology.

This advanced signal processing system provides a natural listening experience as soon as your hearing aids are turned on.

SoundCore, brings together four technologies:

  1. SoundNav 3.0
  2. Sound Conductor
  3. Spatial Awareness
  4. SpeechPro

These technologies are an integral part of Unitron’s Discover Next hearing aids.

Synergistic technology

Next comes with an algorithm that will help you hear and interpret the heart of the conversation. This technology will not only understand the location and identity of the speaker, but also identify the intonation in the speech signal.

SoundCore unified technology allows you to hear all the important nuances of speech. It also gives you environmental cues to provide a natural hearing experience.

SoundCore synergises your listening, giving signals to assist in interpreting emotional context and deeper meaning of your conversational partners’ speech.

How does this all happen?

Sound Nav uses machine learning to give full circle enjoyment of everything in your soundscape.

Sound Conductor reduces the background noise and improves the clarity of speech. 

And now, people you’re listening to who have soft voices will be easier to hear and understand with Discover Next’s new soft speech lift enhancement.

SpeechPro has the latest Spectral Speech technology to assist in understanding the emotional context of speech in complex listening situations. 

And finally the four microphones used to trigger the Spatial Awareness capability, allow realistic locational awareness in all environments.

First fit and connected

The fitting process with Discover Next is quick and accurate. Using an automatic adaptation tool, your Hearing Healthcare Professional will fit your hearing aids in a manner that will allow gradual transformation to all the new sounds you’ll be hearing.

Discover Next connects to all smartphones, with no accessories required. There’s also the convenience of being able to connect to four devices. You can connect to your phone, tablet and also use two television connectors with these devices.

The Discover Next platform is available in BTE and RIC hearing aids, including rechargeable models. Look for Moxi Move R, Moxi Jump R T, Moxi Fit and Stride P R if you want to hear, understand and interpret the emotional context with your Next hearing aids.

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