Best Hearing Aids

Choosing the Best Hearing Aids For Your Needs

For many people, the moment that they learn that they need hearing aids can be a life-changing moment. There can be a range of emotions–from mourning the loss of one’s hearing self, to excitement that they will once again be able to effectively hear all of the beautiful sounds that life has to offer with the use of hearing aids. Whatever the emotions, it is important when choosing hearing aids that you and your audiologist work together to find the best hearing aids to fit your needs. When choosing your hearing aids, you must take into consideration not only your hearing but also your lifestyle and budget. There are such a wide range of options and combinations to choose from, that you and your audiologist should be able to find a pair that you are comfortable with.

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How Do Hearing Aids Work?

Regardless of the style and technological factors, all hearing aids work essentially the same way. They are like a tiny PA system that fits in or around your ear. They receive sound through a microphone which then converts the sound waves into electrical signals so that it can then send them to an amplifier. Finally, the amplifier increases the power of the electrical signals and sends them to the ear through a small speaker in the ear canal. With the sound creating louder vibrations in the ear, the wearer can more easily hear what is going on around them.

While all hearing aids amplify sound however, each has different technology that they use to do so. Also, each brand of hearing aid has a different look and feel for the wearer. This is why it is important to be honest with your audiologist about your needs so that they can help you to select the best hearing aids for you. The audiologists at Hearing Choices work hard to ensure that you are getting the best hearing aids to fit your needs.

What Main Features Should I Look For?

Best Stylesbest bte hearing aid

The two main styles of hearing aids are those that go in the ear, and those that go behind the ear. In the ear styles can range from the tiniest, most invisible hearing aids that are worn inside the ear canal, to the larger low profile hearing aids that can be seen in the bowl of the outer ear.

Behind the ear styles are available for those patients who find that wearing a hearing aid inside of the ear is uncomfortable for them. They also range in size and style, and are the style used most often for those with severe or profound hearing loss. Each style of hearing aids has its own advantages and disadvantages for you to consider when choosing the best hearing aids for you.


Best Technology

Another important consideration when choosing the best hearing aid to fit your needs is the technology in the hearing aid itself. While there are many basic models of hearing aids to choose from, technology has advanced to make many hearing aids more automatic and invisible hearing aid

For example, many hearing aids produced today are using wireless technology to both give the wearer more control over the customisation of their device, as well as to make the two separate hearing aids operate like one device, which makes the use of hearing aids feel more like natural hearing . Some of the best hearing aids even come equipped with bluetooth connectivity so that the hearing aid can be connected to a wireless device such as a tablet or cell phone, and those devices can send their electronic signals directly to the hearing aid for listening to music, watching videos, and of course, talking to loved ones.

What are Some of the Best Hearing Aids Brands?

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Phonak makes a few excellent models of hearing aids, including both behind-the-ear, and in-the-ear models. Both the Phonak Naida V and the Phonak Sky V for children, rest behind the ear, and are made for those with moderate to severe and profound hearing loss. One advantage of these is that they are smaller than many devices on the market, and can be fitted for those with a wide range of hearing profiles. They also make the Phonak Virto V–series, which range from a small, discreet in-the-canal hearing aid that is virtually invisible to outside observers, to a larger low-profile model that rests in the bowl of the outer ear for those with more severe hearing loss.

Oticon also makes a wide range of hearing aid models for both adults and children that go both in the ear and behind the ear for adults and children. The Oticon Ria 2 line of hearing aids gets consistently good reviews from users, and comes in a wide range of options–from those that are are barely noticeable even for the wearer, to those that rest behind the ear for wearers with more severe hearing loss. Oticon makes some of the best hearing aids on the market.


Starkey Hearing Technologies is a company that has been making hearing aids for a very long time, and their experience shows in the wide range of products that they offer. Like the other companies on this list, Starkey specialises in making their hearing aids a custom experience for each user dependent on their hearing profile and lifestyle needs. That is why they make a wide range of hearing aids in a seemingly endless combination of styles, technology features and colours. So that in the end, the user has that best hearing aids to fit their individual needs.

With all of these Options, How Do I Select the Best Hearing Aids For Me?

The first step in selecting the best hearing aids for your needs is to make an appointment with an audiologist. The audiologists at Hearing Choices want to help you to find the  best solution for your hearing loss, and can guide you in the right direction to find what works for you individually.