Marvellous Roger Devices By Phonak

Just over 12 months ago, Phonak released their latest hearing aid – the Audéo Marvel (Audéo M) – with much fanfare. The most exciting features with this hearing aid including it being Bluetooth compatible with all smartphones, has brilliant speech in noise capabilities, a wonderful app that allows for virtual appointments with your Hearing Health Clinician and, that all Marvel hearing aids arrived ‘Roger Ready’. You can read more about all the features of the Audéo M here, but this month’s hearing aid highlight is on the Marvellous Roger and how to utilise this fantastic feature with your Phonak Audéo M hearing aids.

How Roger works

Roger was first introduced in 2013. The technology in this assistive listening device helps to bridge the gap for understanding speech in complex background noise situations. It transmits the speech signal wirelessly and directly to the ear of the listener. When it was first released, users of the Roger technology needed to attach an extra component on to their hearing aid or use an intermediary device to stream the signal. Now, with the RogerDirect standard component in Marvel hearing aids, the need for extra attachments/devices has been eliminated.

RogerDirect allows you to pair two Bluetooth audio devices simultaneously. This is useful in a number of areas but particularly if you have a mobile phone and wish to stream from another audio device, such as a tablet or computer, at the same time.

The Roger Pen

One of the most popular of all Phonak accessories, the Roger Pen can be worn around the neck, but can also be used via a charging dock or in other modes as a remote microphone. It looks just like a pen (hence the name). It’s light and comes compatible with the software in the Marvel 2.0 hearing aids. If you have an earlier model Marvel, a software upgrade will enable you to use this amazing piece of technology. 

The Roger Pen is a portable remote microphone which provides greater understanding of speech in noisy environments. Its charging dock not only powers up the microphone, but allows you to connect to just about any audio source. Pop the Pen in the charging dock near your TV and you’ve got a TV streamer. Plug it into your car radio and you can stream your favourite talk-back program on those long drives. Music streaming has a wonderful quality and Roger will give any audio outstanding speech clarity.

The Roger Pen gives an extra boost to your hearing aids. If your hearing levels are significantly compromised, or you have complex hearing needs, this could be the added assistance you’ve been looking for. You can use the Roger Pen as a portable microphone, particularly in those difficult, noisy situations. Hold the Pen in your hand and direct it towards the person you want to hear (you don’t need to wave it about - keep it close to your body and it will work, without drawing any attention).

The Roger microphone will focus automatically on the speech you direct it towards. It’s also great for hearing all travellers in a car. What about in a busy restaurant? Just place Roger in the centre of your table and the microphones will go to work, reading the situation and altering to suit the environment, for clear speech signal transmitted straight to your hearing aids. Alternatively, if there’s only one voice you want to hear, get that person to wear the Roger Pen™ around their neck on the supplied lanyard.

The Roger Pen is an extra cost, but those who use it, say it’s well worth the extra expense, particularly when you consider the reduction in listening effort for those really difficult hearing situations. If you find your hearing levels are still compromised even with outstanding hearing aid technology, you may consider trying the Phonak Audéo M and the Marvellous Roger Pen.

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